Does Joe Rogan Have a Prenup With Wife Jessica Ditzel?

Joe Rogan is somewhat of an eccentric figure. Right now, his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts available, and it’s hosted high profile figures from actor and anti-Scientology activist Leah Remini to politician Bernie Sanders.

With the eccentric and edgy persona that Rogan has on the podcast, many people wonder what he must be like in his personal life. His past before he became a podcaster is known among fans of the show — he used to be a UFC commentator and host of the show Fear Factor before his podcast launched him to massive fame.

But what about his romantic life? Is Rogan married, and if so to whom? And does a figure as successful as Rogan take steps to ensure stability in his marriage?

Joe Rogan’s early career

Joe Rogan at a live performance.
Joe Rogan | Getty Images

Rogan has been in the media since the 1990s. He started out as a stand-up comedian, with a raunchy comedy style. 1994 was when his first comedy special aired, and it impressed two television cable networks who picked him up for lead acting roles on sitcoms: Fox and NBC.

Ironically, Rogan never had any intention of acting, but he found that he enjoyed working on NBC’s NewsRadio. Around this same time, Joe Rogan got involved as a UFC commentator, due to his lifelong interest in martial arts.

In 2001, he shifted from sitcom acting to hosting the reality show Fear Factor. However, he preferred doing comedy, and in the years leading up to the start of his podcast he returned to doing comedy specials and UFC commentary.

At this time, he also publicly called out comic Carlos Mencia for plagiarizing jokes, which earned him a lot of clout in the comedy scene. When he started his podcast, he was a popular figure, and his popularity has only grown since.

How much is Joe Rogan worth?

With the UFC commentary, high-profile comedy career, and massively successful podcast, it’s clear that Rogan has to have a high net worth. So exactly how much money has Rogan’s long career in the entertainment industry made him?

Rogan’s net worth as of November 2020 is likely somewhere around $100 million after a major Spotify deal. This is actually a jump from $30 million in 2019 and shows that Rogan’s fame and influence is still growing.

It also shows that Rogan likely knows how to manage his finances responsibly, even with his strange and offbeat interests.

Inside Joe Rogan’s elusive marriage

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You might be surprised to learn that Rogan is married to a woman named Jessica Ditzel. Despite vocal lack of interest in marriage, he fell for her and had a daughter with her in 2008 before the two married in 2009. That means the couple has been together for over a decade.

Ditzel prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and Rogan respects that. However, we do know that Ditzel was a cocktail waitress when the two met and that according to Rogan in an interview with Rolling Stone: “She lets me do whatever I do. That’s how we get along well. She doesn’t fuck with me.”

And, as a testament to Rogan’s financial responsibility, the two got a prenup before they got married. When asked about a prenuptial agreement, Rogan answered: “A prenup? Of course. I’m ridiculous and dumb, but I’m not stupid.”

So far, however, the couple hasn’t had to use this prenup. Maybe Rogan’s skepticism about marriage and casual approach to romantic relationships is what helps him maintain a stable long term relationship with his wife. Perhaps there is something to learn from Rogan’s approach: not to overvalue marriage, but to still be responsible and make contingency plans.