Does Kane Brown Have Kids?

Country music has its share of talented singers, and Kane Brown is certainly a part of that legacy. He’s known for his hit single “Lose It,” which has made it to the top of charts like Billboard Country Airplay and Mediabase. Other hit songs like “For My Daughter” and “One Thing Right” pays tribute to his growing family, and it’s incredible how genuine and meaningful his songwriting abilities have grown to be. Some notable country stars have welcomed babies in the last year, and Brown and his wife Katelyn Jae, are among them. Now that their family is growing, fans want to know — how many kids do they have now?

Kane Brown: well-known country singer and songwriter

Kane Brown had a rough time growing up in Georgia and Tennessee, and its most prominently expressed in his song “Worldwide Beautiful” and “Learning.” He expresses the difficulties of child abuse and racism in “Learning” while touching base on the beauty of every person’s color in “Worldwide Beautiful.” There’s a lot more that can be said with Brown’s music, as everything you could ever need to know about his life is laid out in his lyrics. 

Among the many reasons he pours his heart out in his music, Brown explains to The Boot, “they were pretty much about my life and how I grew up, so we decided that that’s what we were gonna run with … just kinda write, like, an autobiography.”

Katelyn Jae is more than Kane Brown’s wife

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Many don’t know it, but Brown isn’t the only musician in the family. Jae was working on her own singing career before dating the “What If” country singer. In fact, her voice is incredible, and fans are excited to hear some more of it in a much-anticipated couple duet called “Mad At This World.” Their duet has been teased at for some time and has fans hoping for more duets in the coming years.

Besides being an amazing singer, Jae has also been a popular social media influencer, promoting a range of products on her Instagram. One of which was her fall launch with Tribe Kelley, where Jae’s post gives Brittany Kelley a shout out, “you are the definition of a BOSS BABE, and you are such an inspiration to so many women.” She didn’t get reach 2.7 million followers just because of her promotions, however. She also posts a lot of heartwarming family pics of Brown and Kingsley!

Kingsley Rose Brown joined the family in October 2019

Kingsley Rose Brown is currently the only child of Brown and Jae. Born in October 2019, she has since graced her parents’ social media, with the most heartwarming being her father’s promise on his Instagram, “I grew up without a dad, so I’m gonna be the best one I can be! Love you, baby girl.” 

Their family of three has played a significant part in developing Brown’s music in the last few years. For instance, “Grew Up Without a Dad,” which resembles his promise to Kingsley on Instagram. A small snippet of his lyrics read, “They say dads are supposed to shape you / In a way I guess mine did / I knew what I wouldn’t do if I ever had a kid / They say history repeats itself, but I guess that’s up to me / I grew up without a dad, so I’m gonna be the best one I can be.”

This isn’t it for the country star’s family. He recently told People that “Kingsley has changed my life. She smiles at me, and my heart melts.” It doesn’t end there, though. The “Homesick” star also added, “I want a boy, too. I want a boy and a girl.” The future looks bright for Kane, Katelyn, and Kingsley Brown as the possibility of another baby is introduced!