Does Katharine McPhee Get Along With David Foster’s Adult Children?

Joining a new family can be a difficult experience. For musician Katharine McPhee, marrying her husband, David Foster, also meant forging connections with his adult children. So has McPhee been accepted by Foster’s family, and does she get along with his kids?

David Foster and Katharine McPhee posing together
David Foster and Katharine McPhee | Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

How many kids does David Foster have from his previous marriages?

Before dating McPhee, Foster had been married four times. He has four daughters from these past marriages.

His oldest child is Amy (born 1973), who he had with first wife B.J. Cook. Foster and Cook were together from 1972 to 1981.

Foster’s other three kids came from his second marriage, which was to ex-wife Rebecca Dyer. They were married from 1982 to 1986 and had daughters Sara (born 1981), Erin (born 1982), and Jordan (born 1986).

Foster also married Linda Thompson and, later, Yolanda Hadid. He became a stepfather to the women’s children from their previous marriages.

Foster married McPhee in 2019, and the pair welcomed a son named Rennie in 2021.

Does Katharine McPhee get along with David Foster’s adult children?

Katharine McPhee and David Foster with three of Foster's daughters
(L-R) Katharine McPhee, Jordan Foster, David Foster, Amy Foster, and Erin Foster | Jemal Countess/WireImage

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Foster’s daughters are all in their 30s and 40s and close to McPhee’s age. It seems McPhee has a good relationship with her husband’s adult children.

According to Us Weekly, Sara and Erin have talked positively about McPhee on many occasions. For example, Erin told the outlet in 2019 that McPhee has transitioned well into her role in the family.

“The truth is we really genuinely love Katharine,” Erin said. “It takes a very strong, graceful person to come into a family as the fifth wife and have adult daughters who are older than her and do it in a way that really creates inclusion with the family, and she just does it effortlessly. She just makes it really easy for all of us to get along. So we’re very grateful for her.”

Meanwhile, Amy expressed gratitude for McPhee supporting her through her breast cancer treatment. She shared in the documentary David Foster: Off the Record, according to People, that Foster and McPhee stayed with her when she got her mastectomy.

Amy also defended McPhee when some people criticized McPhee’s relationship with Foster, saying (via OK!), “I’m so close with Katharine. She’s amazing and funny, fun, smart, elegant, timeless, beautiful, talented. I can’t say enough about her. I know that some people have been hating on that relationship. All I can tell you is it absolutely works when you see them together. It’s love.”  

Erin Foster once joked about an ‘issue’ she has with Katharine McPhee

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It’s clear McPhee is very close with Foster’s daughters. In fact, this is evident in the way they often joke about each other. As reported by Fox News, the Foster girls once shared their “biggest issue” with McPhee.

“Our biggest issue with [Katharine] is how hot she is,” Erin said. “Her body is insane. When she comes over for family Sundays, I’m like, ‘Do not get in a bikini.’ My husband’s always like, ‘Kat, get in the pool!’ And I’m like, ‘Simon…'”

Jordan also joked that her toddler son is drawn to McPhee as well.

It looks like McPhee and her marriage to Foster has a lot of love and support behind them.