Does Katy Perry Have Kids?

It’s hard to believe that Katy Perry has been writing and singing hits with some of music’s greatest for 15 years. Now, at the age of 34, she’s getting ready to settle down, again.

She’s been married once before, but this time she says she is more ready for marriage and to start a family. The timing is good since Orlando Bloom proposed to her on Valentine’s Day and her response was an absolute “Yes!”

Perry’s First Marriage to Russell Brand

Perry and actor/comedian Russell Brand were married in 2010. They had briefly met once before but took notice of each other during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. They began dating and became engaged on New Year’s Eve that year.

The two married in Oct. 2010, but Brand filed for divorce a year later. At the time Perry said she was not ready for children. Their divorce was finalized in July 2012. They had no children.

Dating John Mayer

Their vocals may have been a match made in heaven, but perhaps Perry’s relationship with John Mayer was not. They had an on again, off again romance starting in 2012. The couple sang together, performed together, and slept together for two years. They got back together for a time in 2015 before finally calling it quits.

Mayer admitted to their relationship as being the only romance he had for five or six years, and may have taken the break-up harder than Perry. His single, Still Feel Like Your Man, was written about her.

Perry’s Relationship with Orlando Bloom

Similar to her relationship with Mayer, Perry’s romance with Lord of the Rings-Hobbit star Bloom has been a bit rocky at times since they first met in 2016. But, after a five-month split in 2017, they have however spent time working the relationship out leading up to his February 14 proposal.

Understanding more formal traditions, Bloom now 42, actually asked Perry’s family for her hand before asking her. A March 5 article in Elle told that a source had shared with the reporter, “Katy’s family knew he was proposing. He talked to her parents about it before…Katy was very surprised and shaking with happiness…They both want kids together and will prioritize this.”

The Future Mrs. Bloom

The engagement is an interesting turn of events, as Perry had said earlier in February during an ET interview, she’s “not so sure marriage is for her.”

The article went on to say, “These days, Perry is putting music and touring on hold, instead focusing on her well-being and mentoring others on American Idol.”

And, she’s been enjoying her living together relationship with Bloom.

But, she’s also well aware of Bloom’s history of enjoying the partying life, and tabloids have been reporting friends are saying this could get in the way of their relationship. But, hold on! Don’t always believe the tabloids. Her friends are saying it just isn’t true, and they are very happy about the engagement. After all, the couple has spent the better part of the past three years together.

The two have talked about having children, a lot. Bloom has one son, Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, with former spouse Australian model Amanda Kerr. Flynn is eight years old. The couple spends as much time with him as possible, although both his dad and mom want to keep him out of the limelight and away from the lenses of the paparazzi.

People magazine recently reported, ‘Katy is slowing down her career this year,’ a second source tells People, adding that the couple ‘want to get married and start a family sooner rather than later.’

“The Bloom source agrees, telling People, ‘They both want kids together and will prioritize this.'”

Her fans will miss her concerts and are agonizing as to whether she will pull out of her American Idol gig. But, family comes first and they will forgive her because what could be cuter than Perry-Bloom children?