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Laura Dern has never been one to shy away from talking about what she believes in. She has been open about all aspects of her career, her life, and her relationships. Overall, Dern is an extremely positive person who never lets life’s challenges get her down.

Throughout the four decades that she has been in the spotlight, the talented actress has taken on some pretty impressive roles. According to Biography, Dern is the most well-known for her work in films such as Mask, Jurassic Park, and Wild at Heart. However, she has appeared on the small screen as well, taking some roles in iconic television shows including Big Little Lies and Enlightened.

It is pretty safe to say that in terms of acting, Dearn has done it all. She has surprised her fans with some of the roles she has taken on, and it seems as if there is really no character that she can’t perfectly portray.

In addition to Dern’s spectacular career, she has a pretty full personal life as well. So, what many fans may be wondering is if Laura Dern has any kids?

Laura Dern’s childhood

Laura Dern at the 43rd Deauville American Film Festival.
Laura Dern | Francois G. Durand/WireImage

Before she was a household name, what was Dern’s life like? According to Telegraph, her parents divorced when she was very young — only 2 years old.

Dern’s maternal grandmother had the job of raising her, and she remembers being taught to practice strong family values. Her grandmother took her to church on a regular basis, and Dern has fond memories of her beloved grandmother being extremely spiritual, something that she absolutely loved.

It was because of who raised her that Dern feels that she became the person she is today, as she was constantly surrounded by love, laughter, faith, and togetherness.

Laura Dern’s dad is one of her closest friends

Dern speaks extremely highly of her father, Bruce Dern, a fellow actor. In fact, she says it would be her “dream” to work with him. Although Laura Dern has taken on much more complicated roles throughout her career than he has, she still thinks that they would make a great on-screen pair, and we have to agree.

What does Dern love most about her father? His sense of humor and charming personality. It would appear that Bruce Dern is a pleasure to be around, and continues to inspire his daughter to this day.

Does Laura Dern have children?

Laura Dern certainly does! Previously married to Ben Harper, she has two kids with him: a son named Ellery Walker and a daughter named Jaya. Dern’s kids are her most prized possessions, as evidenced by the look of pride in her eyes whenever she steps out with her beautiful family.

What kind of a mother is she? Dern openly admits that she needs to be a little more firm. However, she teaches her kids to approach life with integrity.

Love and motherhood, according to Laura Dern

So, how does Dern feel about two of the most important things in life? She doesn’t see marriage as being a fairytale, but instead, something that two people work hard at each and every day.

Dern feels that motherhood is the best thing that she has ever experienced. She believes in raising her children to be strong and independent, and not hiding things from them, as some people do.

“Progressive parenting” is something that she finds extremely important, letting her children express how they feel, and truly being there for them as a friend whenever they need it. Looks like Dern really has an amazing life, and enjoys all of the things that she has been blessed with.