Does Luke Combs Have Kids?

Luke Combs has quickly made a name for himself in the world of country music. With his swift rise to the top, his many new fans are getting to know more about him as they go along. Many are curious about what is going on in his personal life. One of the things people wonder about is if the popular singer has kids or not. Here’s the information about Combs’ personal life, and what his family looks like. 

Luke Combs smiling in front of a black background
Luke Combs | Rich Fury/ACMA 2019/Getty Images

A meteoric rise to the top

Combs hasn’t been a big name in the country music scene for very long. His debut album, This One’s For You, came out in 2017. But his short time in the spotlight hasn’t stopped him from making an outsized impact on the music charts. He’s been smashing records left and right. 

According to Popculture, his first two studio albums, This One’s For You and What You See Is What You Get both spent 25 weeks or more in the number one position on the Billboard music chart. This broke the record that had been held by Taylor Swift for over a decade. 

On top of that, This One’s For You has spent 50 weeks at number one, tying the record held by Shania Twain’s 1997 album Come On Over. 

With this sort of almost-overnight success, it’s understandable that his fans are curious about the singer. For example, what’s up with his love life?

Love and marriage

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Combs is a blissful newlywed, having married his longtime girlfriend Nicole Hocking in August of this year. According to Country Living, the happy couple met in 2016 when they both attended a music festival. Although this was before he hit the big time, Hocking was immediately drawn to him, and the two started dating. The next year his career took off, and some of the songs that propelled him to the top were written to express his love for Hocking. 

Combs proposed in 2018, and two years later they were married on the beach in South Florida. Combs described the day as the best one of his life, gushing, “I got to marry my best friend.”

The newlyweds may only have been married for a few months, but they’ve been together for four years. Their long relationship has fans wondering if they have any kids. The answer? Yes, but not the human sort. 

A furry member of the family

Back in 2019, before they tied the knot, Combs and Hocking made another kind of commitment. Taste of Country reports that they went to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue to take a look at what dogs were available for adoption. Apparently, there was a pup waiting there that made it clear he was the one they were looking for. 

“Jojo was instantaneously drawn to Luke and looked him deep in the eyes as if to say, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ What a happy ending for a little country dog brought into our rescue,” the organization posted on their Facebook page. 

Jojo seems to have been right about his choice of a forever home. Combs and Hocking consider him to be a part of the family, and it looks like he’s thriving. 

The Combs family hasn’t shared if or when they plan to have kids, but if their love for Jojo is any indication, a baby would be a welcome addition to this happy family. Fans are eagerly awaiting that exciting news, and they’re looking forward to the new songs Combs will write for their little addition when the time comes.