Does Prince Harry Regret His Move? Duke of Sussex Reportedly Had ‘Unrealistic Expectations’ of LA Life

It seems as if almost every day, there is news coming out regarding Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and we have to say that they never fail to surprise us. The couple is one of the most high-profile in the entire world, although they have made it clear that they prefer to keep the personal details of their relationship as private as possible.

After getting married, it was obvious that Meghan and Harry just couldn’t catch a break, and they were followed by photographers and hounded relentlessly. Prince Harry, on more than one occasion, released statements asking the news media to back off a little, however, his attempts didn’t exactly work.

Early in the year, everyone was shocked when the duke and duchess made the unexpected announcement that they were stepping down as senior royals. Since then, fans have been following them pretty closely, watching as the couple moved first to Canada, and then to LA in search of a quieter life.

Many people are wondering if they got what they are looking for. So, does Prince Harry regret his move? Apparently, he had “unrealistic expectations” of life in LA.

Leaving the royal family behind

It is not every day that we get reports of royal family members stepping down from their positions, but for Meghan and Prince Harry, that is exactly what happened. According to USA Today, the couple ultimately decided that they wanted to experience life outside of the glaring spotlight, and before we knew it, Megxit was in full swing.

After a few months, they packed up and left England in order to live in Canada, where many people thought that they would stay permanently. However, the surprises weren’t over yet, and fans watched as Meghan and Prince Harry headed to the west coast, thousands of miles away from the life that they were used to, and began a new life in California.

Why did they decide to go to California?

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It is no secret that Meghan and Prince Harry could have chosen anywhere in the world to call home. So why did they head to California?

Elle reports that there were several reasons for the decision. Meghan was born and raised in LA, and her mother, Doria Ragland, still lives there. We can only imagine that she was excited to bring her husband to her old hometown and show him the life that she loves so much.

Meghan and Prince Harry felt that by living in California, they could finally have the life that they had longed for, all while continuing to work on projects and causes that are meaningful to the both of them. 

Does Prince Harry regret his move? The Duke of Sussex reportedly had ‘unrealistic expectations’ of life in Los Angeles

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Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Moving is never easy, and Prince Harry left his whole life behind when he moved so far away from the place he had always called home. So, does he regret it? According to US Weekly, the duke is struggling a bit.

California and England are two completely different places, and so many people had anticipated that Prince Harry would experience a culture shock upon his move. Apparently, he did have “unrealistic expectations,” and is finding that life in California isn’t all that he had originally thought it would be.

Prince Harry is turning to his brother, Prince William, for advice, although we don’t know what his next move will ultimately be. It could be that he just needs the time to get used to a completely different environment that he is now in, and perhaps, things will get better in the future. We can only hope that Prince Harry finds what he is looking for, and can happily move forward on his new adventure.