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Famed country superstar Shania Twain defined an era of music before abruptly stepping away from the limelight. Her divorce thrust her personal and professional lives into turmoil for nearly 15 years. Yet, when the time was right, she was welcomed with open arms — and itt was as if she never left at all. Twain’s singing and songwriting were indelible in a business that tends to move fast and forget quickly. Naturally, fans have wondered after all this time: Did Shania Twain have any kids during her career hiatus?

Shania Twain once dominated the country music world

Twain — a Timmins, Ontario, native — made her way to Nashville and released her first major label works in the early 1990s. While her debut album was a commercial misfire, her partnership with producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange led to her smash hit follow-up, The Woman in Me. The two instantly ascended to the status of the most famous, and beloved, pop country couple in the business.

Nearly all of her hits were co-written with Lange, and the married couple seemed to have it all figured out. But the 2000s were a difficult time for the newly-minted queen of country. CBC reports that by 2004, struggles with Lyme disease led to vocal issues which kept her from touring extensively — and eventually, at all. 

Does Shania Twain have any kids?

Shania Twain kids
Shania Twain | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for ZFF

The country superstar’s woes didn’t end with her vocal struggles due to her health issues. Her longtime personal and professional partnership with Mutt also frayed, culminating in a divorce after she caught the famed producer cheating on her. To add insult to injury, the newly-discovered mistress was Twain’s best friend. Their marriage ended in 2010, and Twain was left to figure out how to move on in all aspects of her life.

So does Shania Twain have any kids?

She does! Twain has one child, named Eja Lange, according to Distractify. Despite a difficult, emotional divorce, she was able to put much of her focus on raising her son in a caring environment. She remarried in 2011, 10 years after her son was born, and for several years made Lange and her new marriage her primary focus in life.

Twain’s son is ready to make music, thanks to the relentless support of his famous mom


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Lange is now all grown up, and he’s interested in following his mother’s footsteps. Now that she’s back to touring and filling her time with a Vegas residency, it’s clear that he’s working mostly on his own. And apparently, the results are fairly different from Twain’s career.

“He’s got a crazy passion for making music, and it’s really fun to watch,” the country songstress told Sounds Like Nashville. “He’s been making music for a few years now.” But the style of said music is in an entirely different genre, for an entirely different audience. Twain elaborated, “He definitely listens to EDM, so that’s where he is as a fan.”

Lange is also influenced by other genres, and appears to be on a journey toward discovering exactly which role he’d like his work to fit in. The composer Hans Zimmer, famous for his epic film soundtracks, is a major influence. Absent, though, are the folk and country influences that drove Twain and Mutt to create major hits like You’re Still the One and Man! I Feel Like a Woman.

Twain clearly has a successor, in a sense. But outside of a clear path toward becoming a professional musician, there aren’t many similarities between her and her son in terms of the actual work.