Does Taylor Swift Have a History of Stretching the Truth?

Taylor Swift took the internet by storm earlier in the week when she called out Scooter Braun and his acquisition of Big Machine Records. Swift, 25, was seemingly distraught over the notion that Braun, a music super-rep who she alleged bullied her mercilessly in 2016, would own the rights to her original recordings.

Several stars weighed in on the controversy, and there seemed to be support on both sides of the feud. Yael Cohen, Braun’s wife, stepped into the argument with a longwinded post of her own. Cohen primarily defended her husband, but also eluded to the idea that Swift is a bit of a truth stretcher. So, does Swift tend to fib, or perhaps dramatize scenarios for her own gain? Cohen’s social media rant isn’t the first time the “Delicate” musician has been accused of telling a bit of a fib.

Some people think Taylor Swift’s paparazzi photos are just a bit too curated

Swift has gone through phases. In fact, she’s gone through a lot of phases. The team at Ringer, however, believes that Swift’s phases are so carefully executed that the vast majority of them are staged. They note that everything from her relationship with Harry Styles to her strolls through Brooklyn with Jake Gyllenhaal were entirely curated.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles | Photo by David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Picture perfect, Pinterest-worthy photo-ops aside; it looks like Swift might be shrewder than people thought. It’s possible that the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer is crafting relationships and a life to keep people interested in her. She wouldn’t be the first star to do it, though.

Taylor Swift’s 2016 scandal with Kanye West may have been bit overblown

The Grammy award-winning songbird made a huge stink over Kanye West using her name in one of his songs. In fact, Swift went on a lengthy rant about the misogyny of the entire thing and even claimed West had never asked for permission to use her name.

Kim Kardashian West was right on the sidelines, ready to come to her husband’s defense. Kardashian West posted a recording of Swift giving West explicit consent to use her name. Swift quickly backpedaled, alleging she was only taking issue with the word “bitch,” not all the lyrics that pertained to her.

Whether Swift had a problem with one line or all of the lines in the song regarding herself, it seems like she did stretch the truth a bit. Perhaps the pop star was just a little irritated when she took to the internet, but one thing is for sure, the truth may have been stretched, at least a little bit.

Swift insists she knew absolutely nothing about the acquisition of Big Machine Records

Swift and Braun’s feud absolutely seems to be the real deal, but it looks like the pop singer has once again stretched the truth a little bit. Sure, the singer is distraught over the acquisition and the loss of her music. Sure, Swift’s feelings towards Braun are legitimate and real, but how she claims she found out about the deal might be a bit of a fib.

Swift took to social media to claim that she had absolutely no idea that Braun was purchasing the company until the news broke to the public, but her former representation Scott Borchetta insists the artist was informed of the sale before it was made public.

Borchetta stated, directly on the Big Machine website, that he had personally texted the songstress to let her know what was about to happen. He also alleges that her father, Scott Swift, was informed ahead of the sale as he is a shareholder. Borchetta admitted that he didn’t know for 100% certainty that Swift had been informed ahead of time, but he was skeptical about the notion that Swift’s father didn’t mention it, nor did she re