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Trace Bates just announced that he ended his courtship with a woman named Chaney Grace. The duo, who announced their relationship in September 2019, apparently parted ways in February 2020, after several episodes about their relationship had been filmed for the family’s series, Bringing Up Bates. While Trace’s heartbreak comes as a bit of a surprise, he’s not the first Bates to have a failed courtship. In fact, the Bates family seems to deal with breakups far more often than their reality TV counterparts, the Duggars.

The Bates family has recorded three failed courtships

The Bates family has been busy lately. Through 2019, and into 2020, the family celebrated marriages and new children, but they also mourned the loss of a relationship. Trace may no longer be courting, but he’s got a few shoulders to lean on while he gets through his recent breakup. Two of his brothers have already gone through the heartache of ending a relationship.

Zach Bates, the family’s eldest son, ended a relationship with a country singer by the name of Sarah Reith in October 2011. The pair dated for around six months before calling it quits. Zach met his now-wife, Whitney Perkins, several months later. The couple married in 2013.

Nathan Bates also dealt with a failed relationship. In 2016, Nathan began courting Ashley Slayer. Ashley and Nathan’s relationship didn’t last long, and Nathan has been keeping his romantic life quiet since. Slayer, on the other hand, appears to be happily involved.

The Duggar family has only had one failed courtship, that fans know about

While rumors have swirled that the Duggars have dealt with multiple failed courtships, they have only ever confirmed the end of one relationship. Back in 2015, Josiah Duggar ended his courtship with Marjorie Jackson on the heels of Josh Duggar’s molestation and cheating scandals. The couple announced their relationship via YouTube just a few months before calling it quits.

Jana Duggar, the family’s eldest daughter, recently revealed that she had had interest from several suitors, but none have progressed to a serious stage. Family followers took the admission as concrete evidence that Jana has had at least one failed courtship. It has also been rumored that Josh experienced a failed courtship before connecting with his wife, Anna Duggar. A church insider told Radar Online that their parents arranged the relationship.

Why is this the case?

The Bates family appears to approach dating a little bit differently than the Duggars. Sure, they enter courtships instead of traditional dating, just like the Duggars, but unlike their ultra-conservative Christian friends, they seem to stretch out the process a lot longer.

Evan Stewart and Carlin Bates, for example, began dating in January of 2017. They announced their engagement in September 2018 and finally married in May 2019.  Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, on the other hand, announced their courtship in November 2016. She and Austin married in May 2017, just six months after announcing their courtship. Joy and Carlin are best friends.

The lengthier relationships tend to give couples some time to figure out if they are right for each other. It also appears as though the Bates family is more accepting of failed courtship. The Duggar family seems to viewed failed courtships with a seriousness that is not commonly seen in the Bates’ dynamic, which may make the Bates kids more willing to end things when it’s clear the relationship isn’t working.