Does ‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Have Any Siblings?

This Is Us made Justin Hartley a household name. The star has been in the entertainment industry since his 2005 acting debut. While Hartley has been in dozens of projects over the years, does he have any siblings to share the spotlight with?

Justin Hartley has an older brother named Nathan

Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

By googling the “Hartley” name, you’ll like get a few key results. One of which is This Is Us star Hartley. There is also another famous Hartley — Nate Hartley — who acts as well (in shows like The Goldbergs) but doesn’t seem to be related to this crew.

Justin Hartley‘s real-life older brother, Nathan, is elusive. Little can be found on the eldest Hartley. However, based on social media photos posted by the Hartley sisters, Nathan appears to live in Woodstock, Illinois, and works as a pilot, according to multiple outlets.

Nathan, Justin, and sister Megan share the same parents — Mark and Jackie — though the two divorced.

His sister Megan is in a lot of Hartley’s photos

Megan Hartley, who is three years younger than the actor, appears in many of Justin’s photos and tweets. Her Instagram account is currently set to private, but from what we can gather, the two appear close.

Some outlets, including, reports that Megan is married to Josh Jones and the two have one son. It’s unclear what she does for a living.

Megan also. created a GoFundMe page in honor of 9/11 responders where she raised money for “firefighters in distress.”

Younger sister Gabriela is a singer


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Gabriela is the youngest of the Hartley siblings. Her parents are Jackie Hartley Carillo and David Carillo, making her Justin’s half-sister. Gabriela is active on social media as an actress, singer, influencer, and more.

According to a pulled quote via IMDb, Justin said this of his family and how it mirrors This Is Us:

I have a pretty close family and there are certain similarities-maybe a lot of families have this-where geographically, we’re separated, and there are times when one family member will be needing a lot at one particular moment, so everyone rallies around that particular family member. Then there are other moments where, if [the family is] okay, I might not talk to my brother for two or three weeks, but then if I get him on the phone at five in the afternoon, it feels like we spoke that morning.

That time gap between when you talk, when everyone’s okay, it sort of disappears when you’re talking. I think Kevin’s family is sort of like that as well; some relationships are stronger than others at certain times. The way the show is written, it’s so real. There are certain things that are obviously problems and should be topics of conversation that aren’t.


No matter how successful Justin’s gotten or what he’s going through, he always has his family — and they have him.