Does Travis Scott Speak Spanish?

Travis Scott is usually in the headlines for his tumultuous relationship status with Kylie Jenner. His connection to the reality TV star and cosmetics mogul has definitely elevated his own fame profile, but the rapper does have an entire entertainment career of his own. In the absence of his romantic connection to Jenner, he has continued to perform and work on new projects, and one of those projects has fans curious about Scott’s linguistic skills. 

Does Travis Scott speak Spanish? 

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Travis Scott is the rapper’s stage name 

A native of Houston, Texas, the rapper now known as Travis Scott was born with the name Jacques Bermon Webster II. He has discussed the way his different living experiences as a child helped inform his style and persona. The early years of his life were spent living with his grandmother in a high-crime, urban area. He eventually moved with his parents to a more suburban part of the Houston region. After high school, he enrolled in college in Texas but eventually decided to leave school to pursue music full time. 

He chose his stage name as an ode to his uncle, and many fans have been shocked to find out that the name isn’t his own. After all, most stage names sound unique and are designed to help artists stand out when their given names aren’t flashy enough. In Scott’s case, his chosen name is really common, so the performative aspects of it aren’t readily apparent. 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have a daughter together

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One place where Scott’s real name shows up is with his daughter, who is named Stormi Webster. He and Kylie Jenner sparked rumors when they attended Coachella together back in 2017, reports Cosmopolitan. A few more high-profile public appearances had fans pretty certain the two were an item, and Jenner’s Instagram posts with the rapper a month later were confirmation enough. A month after that, the pair got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles. 

Several racy Instagram photos later, and Jenner and Scott seemed on the fast track in their relationship. It was just a few months after their first public appearance together that fans were certain Jenner was expecting a baby. Jenner was uncharacteristically secretive about her life during her pregnancy, which made fans all the more hungry for information about the growing family. It wasn’t until she announced the birth of Stormi in February 2018 that she officially confirmed she was ever pregnant. Engagement rumors, sparkly jewelry, awesome vacations, and a sexy couple’s photoshoot for the cover of GQ all followed, but Jenner and Scott eventually went their separate ways. However, fans have been convinced that the pair have been secretly back together for months. 

Travis Scott performed with Spanish-speaking artist Rosalía

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As Scott has continued to work on his musical career, he performed alongside Spanish musician Rosalía. Their collaboration on the song “TKN” required Scott to rap in Spanish, which has some fans wondering if this was a language skill the rapper already had. It turns out that Rosalía had to give the rapper some lessons in order to help him get the performance just right, but she was very pleased with the results. 

“The way he raps and sings in Spanish. It sounds really authentic, for me this has a lot of credibility. It sounds like he’s been doing this all his life,” the singer says of Scott’s work, reports Hola. This wasn’t the first time that the pair worked together in collaboration on a song. They had formerly teamed up for a remix of Scott’s song “Highest in the Room.” Now that Scott has demonstrated he has a new linguistic range, it has perhaps set the stage for more work together in the future.