Doja Cat Explains Source of Twitter Feud With Nicki Minaj Fans

Doja Cat is a low-key genius when it comes to mastering the art of internet fame. The singer/rapper frequently engages with fans on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram where she entertains, jokes, and shares news about her music.

She’s been at it for years.Some of her posts are silly, some are serious, and others lead to verbal bouts with other social media users.

Doja Cat’s most recent online duel was with Nicki Minaj fans who called for her to be cancelled. But Doja explained why things went left in the first place.

What did Doja Cat say to the Barbz?

Since Doja Cat’s popularity increased after “Mooo!” and “Say So,” she’s gaining more attention from fans across the rap and pop stratosphere. That includes fans of other artists like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

The hashtag “#dojacatisover” started trending on April 13 after Doja Cat called Minaj fans – aka Barbz – scum on Twitter. Why? Someone posted a fan-made Rolling Stone cover with Nicki Minaj in the center flanked by Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.

One fan remarked he would love to see Doja in the middle, and that prompted a Minaj fan to ask why. It ignited an argument and Doja interjected, advising the fan not to respond. She added they were scum.

People took it and ran with it, threatening to stop listening to her music and telling her she’d lose fans.

But Doja Cat told her side of the story

Doja Cat recently hopped on a live interview with Zane Lowe for Apple’s Beats1. Lowe caught up with her for his “At Home With” series and learned what made her snap on Twitter that day.

He acknowledged how they’re both fans of Nicki Minaj but wanted to know why there was a testy exchange with some of the Barbz. Doja was grateful to speak on the situation.

She explained there’s a Twitter fan who found the drawn Rolling Stone art cover with her, Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion, and said “Nicki was in the middle, rightfully so.” Then things went left after the guy commented he would want to see Doja in the middle.

“Someone commented back to him, ‘Gosh, men. Men these days – they’re so messy. They just want problems all the time.’ And I saw that comment and I was like ‘God!’ ”

At first, she was upset that the person’s gender was brought into the conversation, but then it got worse. Doja watched a back-and-forth unfold before posting her own response.

She said the fan defended himself by saying his comment wasn’t a big deal, repeating he just wanted to see her in the middle.

“And the person was like bullying him at this point, saying just mean, horrible things. So, then I come in and I say ‘Dude, stop responding to these people. They’re scum. They’re so awful. Stop talking to them, they have nothing good to say to you or anybody else.’ ”

Doja Cat set the record straight

Lowe asked whether she was directing her comments toward all the Barbz or a select few. Doja Cat clarified that she wasn’t talking about Minaj’s entire fandom. She was angry about how one fan was being treated.

“No, not the fan group – the people who were talking to that guy, who were being nasty to that guy. Like five people. So anyway, I’m standing up for this guy, and then I’m like getting upset with everybody, and I said these people are idiots. They’re children, they’re scum – because they were. Five people are scum. They suck.”

Doja Cat mentioned how the internet spun things to make it seem like she’s anti-Nicki Minaj when “They don’t even know I’m the biggest Nicki Minaj fan.” It’s something she’s spoken on in interviews and she made it clear that sometimes, people don’t know what they’re talking about.