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Are Dolly Parton’s breasts insured? The rumor about Parton’s boobs has been swirling for years, but the iconic singer is finally shutting down the claim.

Dolly Parton smiles as she poses for cameras in a red gown at the 2019 Grammy Awards
Dolly Parton | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Dolly Parton Once Risked Her Life to Avoid a Handsy Date: ‘It Was a Put out or Get out Situation’

Dolly Parton said her boobs aren’t insured, contrary to rumors

During a Jan. 26 appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna, the hosts chatted with Parton about her newest project — teaming up with Duncan Hines. They also mentioned how Heidi Klum’s legs are insured for $2 million and asked the country singer if it’s true that her breasts are insured.

“Well, it’s not true about that,” Parton said. “Years ago, was it Betty Grable, or one of the great famous stars that was famous also for her legs? And at that time, I said ‘Well maybe I should get my boobs insured since I’m famous for them.’”

She continued, “But it was just a joke. I didn’t do that.”

Parton joked, “And by the way, you can get new boobs, but you can’t get new legs!”

Parton shared the secrets of her happy marriage

Parton recently celebrated her 76th birthday and the Today co-hosts asked how she spent the day. “Well my birthday was good,” she said.

The singer said she and her husband, Carl Dean, “ate a lot of cake” for her big day, thought it wasn’t a Duncan Hines cake!

When asked the secret of their happy marriage, Parton had the perfect answer.

“We’re good people, we’re fun people, we both have a great sense of humor,” she said. “And we like and respect each other. And we just have fun.”

Parton’s busy career has her on the move often and she said that helps the marriage as well. “And I stay gone enough to keep it new,” she explained.

Dolly Parton teamed up with Duncan Hines

Parton has a new collaboration — she teamed up with Duncan Hines for a line of Southern-inspired cake mixes and frostings.

Dolly Parton’s Baking Collection includes a coconut cake mix and a banana-flavored cake mix, as well as buttercream and chocolate buttercream frosting flavors.

Parton expressed her excitement over the new partnership in a statement. “I have always loved to cook and, growing up in the South, I especially love that authentic Mom and Pop kind of cooking,” she shared. “I am excited to launch my own line of cake mixes and frostings with Duncan Hines, bringing that sweet, Southern-style baking experience I enjoy to others.”

A collection of Parton’s cake mixes, frostings, a tea towel, spatula, and recipe cards sold out online as soon as it was released. The cake mixes and frostings will be available in grocery stores beginning in March.

“Duncan Hines is beyond thrilled to partner with Dolly Parton, one of the most revered and beloved women in the world, on a new line of products that are steeped in Southern comfort and inspired by Dolly’s family recipes,” Duncan Hines brand director Audrey Ingersoll said in the statement.