Dolly Parton’s Fans Are Obsessed With Her New Song ‘Sent From Above’ and Perfume ‘Scent From Above’

The beauty industry seems to be lucrative as more and more celebrities are venturing into it. Recently Dolly Parton released her new perfume, Scent From Above, marking her debut into the beauty world. The perfume has a clever name related to her new song, which the singer released to help promote her new fragrance. And it’s safe to say that Parton’s fans are currently obsessed with her new music “Sent From Above” and perfume Scent From Above.

Parton’s new song marked the release of her perfume

Dolly Parton talking into a microphone on stage.
Dolly Parton | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Parton has been busy in the past few months. From funding the research for COVID-19 vaccines, to expanding Dollywood and releasing songs and perfume, the singer seems to be everywhere. Parton released her new song “Sent From Above,” which preceded the launch of her perfume Scent From Above. The song was meant to help promote her new perfume line and help her put out more music.

Parton teased the perfume in early February 2021 by making the samples available. The multihyphenate released the fragrance in partnership with Scent Beauty to give the world a playful floral and high-spirited scent. The perfume line officially dropped on Parton’s website dedicated to the scent on July 28, and it sold out almost immediately.

The singer’s new song takes a pop theme to a whole new level as she professes her love to someone she believes was sent from above. “I know you must/ Be heaven sent/ And I love you ever so much/ Sent from above,” Parton sings in the pop-infused melody. “Sent From Above” was meant to be a companion to Parton’s perfume Scent From Above, which has notes of vanilla, jasmine, and peony blossoms combined to create a scent that smells like heaven.

Fan reactions to the song and perfume have been positive

Parton has been topping charts for more than five decades, and her new song proves why she is an icon. “Sent From Above” dropped on June 28, and the reactions from her fans have been nothing but positive. One fan said, “As always, Dolly Parton continues to bring her A-game … Dolly is one of those entertainers that can successfully cross into any genre and leave her mark!” Another fan compared the iconic singer to another legend, Cher saying, “That’s different for her. There’s a Cher-ish sound to it. I wouldn’t mind a full album like this.”

As for the perfume, one Twitter user wrote, “I absolutely love Scent From Above, it smells amazing and reminds me of many of the most special women in my life including my sweet Momma whom I lost 06/20/21. First thing to genuinely make me smile in weeks! Still others are frustrated they can’t get their hands on a full-sized bottle of Scent From Above. Another person tweeted, “Scent From Above perfume smells lovely and I wish I had a full size bottle, but my sample will have to do.”

What inspired Parton to create the perfume?

Parton has always dreamt of having her own perfume, and the best way to dive into the beauty industry was to start with a perfume line. Speaking to WWD, Parton said, “Having my own perfume has always been a dream of mine as long as I can remember. People have commented on my scent, ‘What are you wearing?’ ‘What is that fantastic smell?’ and ‘Where can I get it?’ Are all questions I have heard daily for more years than I can remember.”

She continued, saying:

“The truth is, I have been blending my own scent for years. It’s a combination of bath oils, powder, and perfumes that have become my signature, and it’s known everywhere I go. It’s time for me to share this with you.”

Parton shared that the perfume’s name, Scent From Above, has a meaning that extends beyond the surface level. She explained, “I’ve been lucky enough in my lifetime to see a lot of my dreams come true. Getting to share my perfume with the world is another one that I can now add to the list. I have often said that if you want to see your dreams come true, you have to give them wings, and I truly believe this one is sent from above.” The icon revealed that she gave the perfume the clever name because it’s “excellently heavenly.”

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