Dolly Parton Has a Savory Recipe to Soothe Your Soul

Dolly Parton has managed to have a successful career that’s spanned over six decades and made her a star in country music, pop, and even TV. She also has a larger-than-life personality and managed to stay true to herself despite the pressures of fame. People love her for her unapologetic and unique style, as well as her impressive philanthropic work.

But Parton’s childhood was a lot different from the glitter and fame she’s lived with as an adult. Her family was very poor, and they often struggled to make ends meet. Despite that, her mother had a knack for making her kids feel cared for, no matter what. Parton shared a recipe of her mom’s, and you may want to make it yourself, and treat yourself to a little of that care. 

Dolly Parton’s remarkable career

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Parton grew up in rural Appalachia as one of 12 kids in a close, loving family. According to Biography, she learned to love music at home, and she performed in church from a very young age. By the time she was 10 years old, she was singing professionally, making appearances on local TV and radio shows. She appeared on the Grand Ole Opry when she was only 13.

Parton’s talent and irrepressible personality soon made her a huge success. She not only regularly hit the top of the charts in the country music market, but she also had crossover hits in pop, such as with her song “Here You Go Again.”

Parton then moved into acting, appearing in blockbuster movies such as 9 to 5 and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. She also opened her own theme park, called Dollywood. And all along the way, she has also been involved in a great deal of charity work.

A humble beginning

Most people are aware that Parton grew up in poverty, but they may not realize just how poor her family was. According to Mental Floss, not only was she one of a dozen kids, but her tiny family home didn’t even have electricity or indoor plumbing. 

Her father was a farmer and worked in construction, and his earnings didn’t go very far in such a large family. In fact, when she was born, he paid for her delivery by giving the doctor a sack of oatmeal. 

Despite their financial struggles, the Parton family seemed to have a talent for making their home a happy place to be. For instance, one of her mother’s go-to recipes to keep all her kids get included a chance to talk, a lot of healthy vegetables, and a stone. 

The magic of Stone Soup

Dolly Parton sitting playing guitar in a white dress.
Dolly Parton | Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Parton explained that her mother made a soup that started with the kids each collecting a small rock from the garden. As they scrubbed the rocks clean, each of them told her about their day. The child who seemed to need the most encouragement got to add their rock to that night’s soup. 

The ritual not only made dinner seem special, but it also gave their busy mom a minute to catch up with her children, and to make each one feel like they were important. It also made the kids feel like they were contributing to the family meal. 

Parton shared her mom’s Stone Soup recipe with the Hallmark Channel. It called for a generous dose of vegetables, such as tomatoes, cabbage, turnips, and carrots. A ham hock simmers in the broth to give the soup a savory, smoky flavor. 

The recipe sounds delicious, even if it isn’t made with the relationship-nurturing love of the original. And if you’re wondering about that stone, don’t worry. The instructions say that part is optional. 

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