Dolly Parton Has Hundreds of Wigs and Reveals Why She Wears 1 Every Day

Dolly Parton is a singer, songwriter, actor, author, and one of the most recognizable faces in country music. She’s known for her iconic look as much as she is for her chart-topping tunes, and Patron has revealed in the past that she wears wigs every single day.

Read on to find out how many wigs the country music superstar owns and why she’s never seen without those signature sky-high blonde locks.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Parton’s look is inspired by a ‘tramp’ and Fredricks of Hollywood

In an interview with Vogue, Parton talked about where she got the inspiration for her unmistakable look and her answer surprised some people.

She revealed she was inspired by a “tramp” who lived in the town she grew up in.

“I thought she was absolutely beautiful. She had those piles of bleached hair, red lipstick, nails, and cheeks, and high-heel shoes,” the “Jolene” artist recalled.

Parton remembered she also liked the way the women looked in the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs and said, “I wanted to feel like the way I thought all the movie stars in Hollywood did.”

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton | Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

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Parton has a wig for every day of the year

Parton spoke about how she used to style her own hair and what happened that had her turn to wearing wigs instead.

“I always wore my hair all teased up. Whenever that style started, I was the first to get my hair all poofy,” she stated. “Then as soon as I could buy those hairpieces and wigs, I wanted them. For one thing, they were so handy. Plus, my hair would never do exactly what I wanted it to do.”

The “I Will Always Love You” hitmaker also previously admitted that so much styling and dyeing damaged her real hair.

“Having the bleach and all of that, it just broke off,” Parton told Hallmark’s Home & Family hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare. “I thought, ‘Why am I going through all that? Why don’t I just wear wigs? That way, I never have a bad hair day! I have a big hair day, but not a bad hair day.”

When it comes to how many wigs she actually owns, Parton told Out: “Well, I wear one about every day. So I must have at least 365.”

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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The singer has revealed what her real hair looks like

Some fans want to know if Parton would ever be willing to show her real hair off. Well turns out she already has.

In 2018, the musician posted a throwback picture of herself in the studio with what appeared to be her natural hair and some volume that can be achieved with a bit of backcombing.

In her memoir Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, which was released on Nov. 22, 2020, she shared another photo from what looks like that same recording session for Monument Records, the label she signed with when she was about 19 years old.

“In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s my real hair,” Parton wrote.

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