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Dolly Parton says part of her success is based on the dedicated people she has working for her. She takes great care to make sure only the best people are part of her inner circle. There are certain qualities she won’t put up with. Here are some of the qualities Parton says drive her “up a wall.”

Dolly Parton on being a boss

Dolly Parton wears a brown dress while talking about her new perfume.
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Parton takes her role as a boss seriously. She wants her employees to like her, but she also wants to be respected. She says she won’t put up with mistreatment.

“I’m a good boss, I think,” Parton says during an interview with People. “I try to rule with love and compassion. But also, there’s a fine line that says, ‘She’s not a pushover.’ I’m a fair and honest person. I like to be as friendly as I can and love the people that work with me, and I like to have them love me.”

Parton makes it clear from the start that she’s in charge. “Some people I have to kick their a** up one side and down the other because some people will just not listen,” she adds. “And then you do have your creative vampires. You do have your energy vampires, and you’ve got some people that are just going to eat you up alive.”

The qualities that drive Dolly Parton ‘Up the Wall’

Parton describes some of the qualities she finds frustrating. In her book Dream More, she says there are people she loves to spend time with, but she would never hire them. She says these people might be “funny or crazy and a ball to be around” but those traits aren’t helpful when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and work.

According to Parton “funny and crazy” could translate into “inconsistent, undependable, and erratic.” She says these are the qualities that drive her “up a wall.” Parton prefers to work with someone she can rely on no matter what. She doesn’t want to hire someone who is “fun” only to be left holding the bag when an emergency arises.

Dolly Parton’s success

Parton says the key to her success is staying committed. She says she’s fortunate enough to have people working for her who are committed. She says she is also committed to the work she does. “I also think success has a lot to do with commitment,” writes Parton. “They are committed to me, and I am committed to them.”

Parton also credits her success to having wisdom when it comes to hiring. She says it’s important to think carefully before hiring team members.

What’s next for Dolly Parton

Parton partnered with James Patterson to write the book Run, Rose, Run. She also wrote songs for an album based on the novel. Parton tells People magazine she continues to fulfill her dreams. However, she says now isn’t the time to slow down.

“I keep dreaming myself into a corner!” Parton tells the publication. “But I can’t stop now. I’ve learned you can’t just say, ‘Oh, my dream’s come true and I’m walking out of here.’ No, you’ve got to show you’re grateful and show that you’re not going to just leave it all in the hands of other people. So, I’m going to be right here, doing what I’m doing, ‘til I fall over dead.’”

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