Dolly Parton Releases New Album ‘Run, Rose, Run’

On March 4, Dolly Parton released her new album Run, Rose, Run. The LP was created as a companion album to a novel called Run, Rose, Run, which is set to be released on March 7. Parton co-wrote the Run, Rose, Run novel with James Patterson. Parton wrote the songs for Run, Rose, Run at the same time she worked on the novel with Patterson.

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Dolly Parton’s album ‘Run, Rose, Run’ has 12 songs

Run, Rose, Run is Parton’s newest country album. Parton first announced the album in 2021 when she revealed the creation of the upcoming Run, Rose, Run novel.

Before the album dropped, Parton released two pre-release singles to promote Run, Rose, Run: “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” and  “Blue Bonnet Breeze.”

Run, Rose, Run has a total of 12 tracks:

  1. “Run”
  2. “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans”
  3. “Demons” (featuring Ben Haggard)
  4. “Driven”
  5. “Snakes in the Grass”
  6. “Blue Bonnet Breeze”
  7. “Woman Up (And Take It Like a Man)”
  8. “Firecracker”
  9. “Secrets” (featuring Joe Nichols)
  10. “Lost and Found”
  11. “Dark Night, Bright Future”
  12. “Love or Lust” (featuring Richard Dennison)

When Run, Rose, Run was released on March 4, “Woman Up (And Take It Like a Man)” was also released as the album’s third single.

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Dolly Parton wrote songs for the album while working on the ‘Run, Rose, Run’ novel

On March 6, Patterson and Parton appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the making of the Run, Rose, Run novel. During the interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Parton revealed that she was inspired to make her new album while working on the book.

“… Songs come to me easy, especially if I know what I’m writing about,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning.

Patterson added, “A couple days after I got there, she sent me the lyrics to seven songs.”

“Well, he was sending me pages and I would get ideas for the songs… And all of a sudden, it was like, ta- da! You write songs, he writes books. And so, I just started doing it, didn’t not thinkin’ about anything,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning.

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What is the ‘Run, Rose, Run’ novel about?

Patterson and Parton began working on the novel Run, Rose, Run together in 2019. Parton helped Patterson with research about the country music industry, wrote parts of the book, and then started making songs for the Run, Rose, Run album.

“If I take on a job, a partnership with somebody, I’m gonna do my part. I mean, how would I have been able to promote that book if I did not have some involvement? How would I have allowed that? Because if people ask me, I’d felt like the biggest liar in the world,” Parton said about the project on CBS Sunday Morning.

The novel Run, Rose, Run is about an aspiring country music singer named AnnieLee who experiences up-and-downs when she moves to Nashville.

“It shows a lot of the dark side of it that people that have been in it, like me, you know that, ’cause you’ve lived it,” Parton said of the book on CBS Sunday Morning.

The album Run, Rose, Run is available on streaming and music-purchasing platforms and in stores where music is sold. Patterson and Parton’s novel Run, Rose, Run will be released on March 7.

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