Dolly Parton Wants to Be in ‘Run, Rose, Run’ If It Ever Becomes a Movie

Dolly Parton released her new album Run, Rose, Run on March 4. The album is a companion album to a novel called Run, Rose, Run that is set to be released on March 7. The novel Run, Rose, Run was co-written by Parton and novelist James Patterson. On March 6, Parton and Patterson appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the novel, and Parton revealed she wants to be in a Run, Rose, Run movie if it’s ever made.

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Dolly Parton wants to be in a ‘Run, Rose, Run’ movie

The book Run, Rose, Run is about AnnieLee, an up-and-coming country singer, who moves to Nashville. While trying to start her career, AnnieLee meets a retired singer named Ruthanna. In the audiobook for Run, Rose, Run, Parton voices Ruthanna.

While Parton was able to provide the voice for Ruthanna, the singer-songwriter hopes to play the character onscreen one day.

“I’m hoping to get to play that character when we do a movie of the book, which we hope to do at some point,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning.

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The book incorporates Dolly Parton’s experience

While working with Patterson on the book, Parton provided insight into the music industry and working in country music. Parton did not shy away from revealing the negative parts of the industry.

“It shows a lot of the dark side of it that people that have been in it, like me, you know that, ’cause you’ve lived it,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning.

Parton continued, “You see all that. All the managers, people that will rip you off, they try to steal your songs, they’ll con you, they’ll do whatever. I have seen it all.”

In addition to helping Patterson with research, writing parts of the book, and voicing Ruthanna for the novel’s audiobook, Parton also wrote songs to go along with the book. The songs were released as a Run, Rose, Run album on March 4.

“Well, he was sending me pages and I would get ideas for the songs,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning. “And all of a sudden, it was like, ta- da! You write songs, he writes books. And so, I just started doing it, didn’t not thinkin’ about anything.”

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How ‘Run, Rose, Run’ came to be

Patterson and Parton first met in 2019, as Patterson decided to fly to Nashville to ask Parton about working on the book together. On CBS Sunday Morning, it was revealed that Parton picked Patterson up from the airport.

“I’m always there to pick him up. I wouldn’t dream of letting him come into town,” Parton said. “… that’s what you do out of respect. But I just ain’t gonna send somebody after him if I can at all be there.”

After meeting, Patterson and Parton hit it off. Because of this, the two decided to move forward with working on Run, Rose, Run.

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