Don Diamont Reveals an Integral Part His ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Character Abandoned

Recently, actor Don Diamont opened up about his character Bill from The Bold and the Beautiful. He is hopeful that a major symbol from his character’s past is set to make a dramatic and flashy return. 

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are used to the looping twists and turns that take viewers back over previous plot points in order to return to big emotions from previous seasons.

While this tendency to tread back over previous ground can sometimes be frustrating — especially when it means forcing characters back into relationships that will go awry once more — these nods to the past can also be very satisfying and entertaining.

Don Diamont has played Bill Spencer, Jr. for years

Don Diamont on the red carpet
Don Diamont | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Don Diamont has had a long and successful career as a soap opera regular.  He was on The Young and the Restless for years, starting on the show in 1985. When his character, Brad Carlton, met his demise in 2009, Diamont was available for a new role. He found it on The Bold and the Beautiful shortly after, and he’s been playing Bill Spencer, Jr. ever since. 

Bill is the son of publishing conglomerate Bill Spencer, Sr., and he appeared on the scene to destroy Forrester Creations in his father’s name. Over the years, this character has been involved in many dramatic ups and downs including love affairs and legal subterfuge. Through it all, there has been a symbol that has remained important to who he is and what he represents. 

Bill wears a sword necklace

Throughout his time on the show, Bill has been seen wearing a sword necklace. This necklace has featured prominently in several plotlines over the years. At one point, Bill pretended to stab himself with the jewelry in an attempt to manipulate his son Liam. Later, Liam sports a version of the sword himself, a symbol of his connection to his father.

This becomes particularly important when Wyatt has the same sword necklace as Liam and Bill, indicating that he, too, is Bill’s son. The sword is meant to symbolize Bill’s own strength and ruthlessness. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he wears the sword as a reminder to those around him about his cutthroat nature. 

Did Bill take off the sword for good?

In the latest plot for Bill, the sword is gone. He took it off to symbolize that he was turning over a new leaf and making a fresh start in order to get together with Brooke.

He doesn’t want to be the man that he was before, and removing the sword is a physical signal of that new intention. To drive the point home even further, Ridge grabs the necklace and smashes it to pieces with a hammer. While Ridge is trying to lay his claim to Brooke and tell Bill to back off, the destruction of the sword further suggests that Bill really is starting anew. 

If Diamont has anything to say about it, though, the move will not be a permanent one. Bill may be trying out a new point of view for the moment, but deep down, his ruthless nature is still there. Diamont posted on Twitter that he hopes Bill’s sword will make a dramatic reappearance. 

Fans seem on board with the plan to bring Bill’s sword — and the ruthless man it represents — back to the screen. They’re ready to see Bill reclaim his full nature. While we can’t know for sure when it will happen, it seems very unlikely that the dramatic destruction of the necklace is truly the end of the symbol. We can expect to see it come back with dramatic flair!