Donald Trump Says Nicolle Wallace Was ‘Thrown off ‘The View’ Like a Dog’ and Meghan McCain Reacts

Donald Trump is ranting on Twitter once again and this time, he slammed former The View co-host Nicolle Wallace. The President of the United States took time off from his scheduled to tweet hate toward the television personality. The tweet went viral and Meghan McCain took notice and reacted to the heinous message on social media.

Donald Trump and Nicolle Wallace
Donald Trump and Nicolle Wallace | Alex Wong/Getty Images / Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

What triggered Donald Trump?

Trump was reacting to commentary made by Wallace on MSNBC. The TV host was talking about the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. Wallace said it was a “smear campaign” by Trump supporters to hinder Biden’s presidential campaign.

“The right isn’t running an intellectually honest operation to get to the bottom of whether Tara Reade was victimized. The right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden,” Wallace said.

Conservative fans called out Wallace by bringing up a tweet from 2016.

Trump then retweeted a supporter that linked to an online article calling out Wallace. The POTUS then referred to Wallace as a “dog” in a tweet.

“She was thrown off The View like a dog, zero TV personas. Now Wallace is a 3rd rate lapdog for Fake News MSDNC (Concast). Doesn’t have what it takes,” Trump wrote.

The current conservative voice on the ABC talk show, McCain, took notice and said, “I swear to baby Jesus… all roads lead back to The View.”

It’s worth noting that Wallace was the senior adviser for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. As many know now, Trump is not a fan of McCain.

Why did Nicolle Wallace leave ‘The View?’

Wallace became a co-host on The View on season 18 after the show was overhauled. The majority of the panel was changed with the exception of Whoopi Goldberg. Producers wanted to freshen up the show and rely less on politics and talk more about pop culture in general.

Ratings for season 18 lagged and Wallace didn’t renew her contract after only appearing one season. She found out she was getting let go through the press.

“I loved the job, I had no plans of quitting. I think I thought that I would learn somewhere other than Variety that I’d been fired,” she told Variety back in 2015. “It shattered my naivete about television. Listen, it’s all fair. I wasn’t wronged by anybody. But I was surprised to learn in the press about their decision not to bring me back.”

Wallace was surprised by the decision as she had no idea she was not doing a good job on the daytime show.

“I had never had one note from anybody inside the entire organization during the entire season,” she added. “No one said a word to me. Maybe I should have seen it coming. Not after a single show, a single Hot Topic or a single interview. It was like being invisible. But not in an unpleasant way.”

The former Republican was offered a part-time role, that she ultimately turned down.

“They asked me to be on The View for one day a week. I felt like if it had been two days a week or enough time to have more of a presence, I’d consider it,” she continued. “They weren’t interested in negotiating with me. It didn’t make sense for me.”