Donnie Wahlberg is Always Eating the Food During the ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinners

A lot has been written about those famous dinner scenes on Blue Bloods, something many fans of the show would like to see continue for more seasons to come. After all, they do represent the best of family, something still in short supply on TV other than This Is Us.

On top of it, the cast of Blue Bloods use their time together to connect. The family aspects run deep on this show, all the way to how the cast interacts.

The eating techniques used during the dinner scenes, however, are still worth noting. Donnie Wahlberg is of particular note because he uses a different technique from what his fellow actors do.

If you think the other cast members are really enjoying the food, think again.

‘Blue Bloods’ dinner scenes are problematic to film

Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods
Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

One has to wonder why it would take an entire day to shoot those dinner scenes for the CBS cop drama. Tom Selleck has been quoted many times saying he finds them grueling to shoot because it takes up to eight hours to perfect the shots.

Even more challenging is how to pretend to enjoy the food throughout the day as they shoot the scenes. Selleck says he can hardly stand to eat that much during the day. It’s pretty much the same sentiments from the other actors.

Well, except for one. Nobody said Donnie Wahlberg was like every other actor on the planet. He seems to be the only one who doesn’t mind the plethora of food available for those long shooting sessions.

Having him do that sometimes leads to problems most people don’t want to connect to a show as serious as Blue Bloods.

Should actors really eat food on the set?

Since shoots are so long on most TV shows, having food readily available can be a godsend for some actors. It all depends on what kind of food they want and what their basic metabolism is.

Sami Gayle has said every time she looks at Wahlberg on set, he’s chewing on a piece of food. Perhaps one reason is Wahlberg works out intensely during the week. He’s known for his intense workouts and having to eat more to keep up.

His workout seems similar to his brother, Mark, who’s even more relentless on working out at the crack of dawn. All of this means consuming more food during the day to maintain energy.

Now everyone may know why Wahlberg eats so much, even though the repercussions of doing so might wreak havoc on his fellow actors. Eating too many things like asparagus can bring some…well, unexpected bodily functions

Donnie Wahlberg says he tries to stick to vegetables

Eating only vegetables will prevent any weight gain if he truly eats for hours at a time. Nevertheless, eating too many vegetables can cause the bodily wrath of fiber.

Yes, it could mean suffering from diarrhea or gas, something Wahlberg admits to experiencing. Having such a thing happen while within close quarters with actors is probably the worst thing he can admit to.

If that ruins the magic for some on those Blue Bloods dinner scenes, it shouldn’t. The good news is they get a chance to have some substantive conversation on their own in-between takes. Better, they don’t really drink alcohol on the set.

More than a few might think they should be allowed to drink on the set when putting in so many hours. Only this could lead to a situation not unlike a real Blue Bloods dinner scene where they all spout their honest feelings, sometimes to a family upset.