Dorinda Medley Has a Solution for ‘RHONY’s’ Horrible Ratings: ‘Let the Games Begin’

The Real Housewives of New York City was one of the first shows in the franchise, and it’s been a part of the lineup for 13 seasons now. But last year the ratings took a dive, and now it seems that the show’s future may be in danger. One of the cast members, Dorinda Medley, hasn’t been on the show for a bit — but she still has plenty of opinions on a solution for RHONY‘s horrible ratings. Keep reading to learn more.

The show has been plagued with bad ratings and dark clouds

The 13th season of RHONY doesn’t seem to have brought the reality show much luck. According to The U.S. Sun, ratings for the show have been declining, and now there are rumors that it may even be canceled. 

One bad sign is that the reunion show for the latest season has been postponed. It was supposed to be filmed on Aug. 5, but now it’s been rescheduled for some time in September — or even later. The production schedule for the next season seems to be affected as well, and now it won’t start until some time in 2022. 

It seems that the show’s producers are considering many options to make the show successful again. One possibility is a shakeup of the cast, with familiar faces leaving and new people coming on board.

Dorinda Medley has a solution for ‘RHONY’s horrible ratings

Dorinda Medley has a solution for 'RHONY's horrible ratings
Dorinda Medley visits “Extra” at The Levi’s Store. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Medley made some statements during season 12 that didn’t sit right with people, so she wasn’t on the show last season. She was told that she wasn’t fired, merely put on a “pause.”

Recently she appeared on the podcast Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino, and she talked about what she’s been doing during her time off. Although she’d love to come back, she’s filling her time with other projects, including a book, a collaboration with Airbnb, and working as an ambassador for Nutrisystem. She’s also dabbling in a few business ventures, launching a bourbon and a candle enterprise. 

But she’s not too busy to have some opinions about what might help the struggling show. And she votes for a little more chaos.

“Let’s put it this way: I think if we brought back the whole old crew and maybe the new girls too. And threw them all in together,” she suggested. “Would that be a fun show and would I want to be on that? Yes! I mean, I think it would do well. And it would be the new girls, the old girls, the big cast, have fun. Throw them all in there.”

She also thinks things have gotten a little too serious.

“Everybody should loosen up a bit. Don’t be worried if someone is having a drink or having a little too much fun. Let the games begin.”

Viewers don’t know if Medley will be coming back to RHONY, or if there will even be a show for her to return to. But just in case, she has some suggestions to “make it nice.”

What are Andy Cohen’s thoughts on the future of ‘RHONY’?

Cohen spoke to ET Online about RHONY and the problems it’s facing. He says the dire predictions are overblown, and that there’s an obvious reason for the show’s recent struggles. 

“Is there a shakeup coming?” he said. “I would say, well, listen, I think we shot this season during COVID and the world was shut down as we shot a show that is — a huge part of The Real Housewives of New York City is reliant on New York City as the character in the show, and New York City was shut down during production.”

That doesn’t mean he’s against the idea of new people joining the cast. But he doesn’t think anyone needs to be fired to make room. 

“So I think that the show will continue to evolve,” he explained. “And I think that if anything, we should add to the group, because I think people wanted to see more people.”

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