‘Double Shot at Love’: Proof the Cast Checks Reddit

The Double Shot at Love cast is incredibly active on social media. One Double Shot at Love star checks Reddit regularly and recently called out their hater on Twitter. 

'Double Shot at Love' Season 2 cast
‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 2 Cast | MTV

Maria Elizondo underwent fat transfer surgery 

Elizondo has been considering a fat transfer surgery — aka a Brazilian Butt Lift — for some time. She has been incredibly transparent with her fans on social media regarding the decision.

“I’ve always been very public about certain private moments in my life,” Elizondo said on Instagram. “After thinking about it very long and hard and talking about it with friends and family, I have decided to get a fat transfer, which is essentially a BBL, to fix my problematic areas like my hip dips and the dents on my butt that made me very insecure over time.” 

In September 2020, Elizondo arrived in Florida for her procedure with The Best U Now Plastic Surgery Center. As she documented during her recovery, the surgery went perfectly. Elizondo remained in Florida after the surgery to recover under the care of medical professionals. 

Maria Elizondo experienced health issues after her surgery 

In since-deleted social media posts, Elizondo shared the news that she was experiencing complications as a result of her butt surgery. Fortunately, her doctor took care of the issues. 

Because Elizondo documented her procedure and recovery on Instagram and tagged the center that completed the surgery, many fans were under the impression she got the surgery for free in exchange for promotions. When Elizondo needed repairs, a fan on Reddit felt compelled to share their opinion. 

“Her a*s was botched during surgery and is having major complications currently,” the fan wrote. “This is why she hasn’t been posting right now and will probably do a tell all soon. Remember kids if you get offered free surgery think twice and pick a reputable doctor instead.”

Elizondo must check the Double Shot at Love Reddit thread because she called that user out on Twitter. 

Maria Elizondo addressed her haters from Reddit

Elizondo has since removed the tweets regarding her surgery and the more recent tweet addressing the aforementioned Reddit user. However, another fan on Reddit captured the tweet in which she called out someone who made assumptions about her.

“To the absolute inbred from Reddit saying I’m in FL for a botched surgery, you’re an a*shole idiot,” Elizondo wrote (via Reddit). “I have an infected abscess that needed to be drained, and since my butt is sensitive, the only person qualified to do it is my surgeon. You dumb f*cks.” 

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Some fans are now paranoid about posting to Reddit, knowing the Double Shot at Love cast are checking in to see what fans are saying. 

“Lmao, this is why I have always said we should not be making assumptions about certain things regarding the cast, because trust me they do read the comments,” another fan pointed out. “They may not respond but they do read the comments.” 

The next time you feel compelled to make assumptions about the Double Shot at Love cast, know that they could be watching.