‘Double Shot at Love’ Star Antonio Locke Might Have Confirmed a ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff

Double Shot at Love added a new twist for season 2 — Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino wouldn’t be dating anyone at all! Instead, the two Jersey Shore guidos brought back their ex-girlfriends to give them the Las Vegas experience. 

In addition to the show’s new format, season 2 also introduced three new roommates — Nicky Curd, Brandon Stakemann, and Antonio Locke. Better known as “Pool Party Papi,” Locke may have confirmed something Jersey Shore fans have been theorizing. Will Jersey Shore be rebooted with a new cast? 

Antonio Locke
Antonio Locke | MTV

‘Jersey Shore’ has changed over the years 

The original Jersey Shore aired from 2009 to 2012. Not many shows have been able to recreate the iconic family formed on the MTV reality show. 

Eventually, MTV created spinoffs featuring the Jersey Shore cast. From Snooki & JWoww to The Pauly D Project and later, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Double Shot at Love, MTV has given Jersey Shore fans plenty of entertainment for more than ten years. 

Over time, things have changed within the Jersey Shore crew. Many of the roommates have started families, making it difficult to leave and film a reality show for long periods at a time.

Plus, there was the drama surrounding Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding during season 3 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, which caused a rift amongst the entire crew. 

As things continue to change, many fans believe MTV will try to reboot the original series with an entirely new cast. 

Will the ‘Double Shot at Love’ cast become the new ‘Jersey Shore’ crew?

The first season of Double Shot at Love followed a formula similar to Rock of Love, wherein Bret Michaels dated 20-some women. Season 2 of Double Shot at Love seems to be less about DelVecchio and Guadagnino finding love and instead about testing the waters with a new cast. 

Six of the exes from season 1 returned for an opportunity to work at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas. Three men were added to the cast, creating what fans feel is a very Jersey Shore vibe. 

“It kind of feels like I’m watching a season of Jersey Shore, but in Vegas,” one fan pointed out on Reddit. “I don’t mind the girls now that they’re not competing for [Pauly and Vinny], and it’s nice to see Nikki be a part of the group this time.” 

The cast all roomed together in a Las Vegas suite. What’s more, there have been plenty of hookups, tears, and drama — all of which are eerily similar to the original Jersey Shore

‘Pool Party Papi’ says MTV wants ‘new faces’ 

During an interview with A Tale of Two Sams Podcast, Locke said something that might confirm what Jersey Shore fans have been thinking. 

“They’re trying to give us maybe like a Jersey Shore spinoff,” Locke said. “They want all new faces, which we appreciate and love because obviously, that’s the reason I got on [the show] — besides Derynn.”

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According to the podcast hosts, the Double Shot at Love cast has a chemistry similar to what the original roommates of Jersey Shore had. 

“When I see comments on pictures like ‘Jersey Shore 2.0,’ I’m like ‘That’s what we’re going for!'” Locke added. 

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has been confirmed for another season. Will season 4 bring with it new cast members, or will MTV introduce an entirely new show featuring the cast of Double Shot at Love? 

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