‘Dr. 90210’ Exclusive Preview: Who Knows Better What a Woman Wants Than a Woman

E! blends the powerful narrative of Married to Medicine with the technical mastery of Botched to the revolutionary series, Dr. 90210.

Dr. 90210 cast
Dr. 90210 cast | Photo courtesy of E!

Updated and revitalized from the original 2004 series, Dr. 90210 features four “rock star” female plastic surgeons as they confront the challenges and triumphs of working in the field. Despite Beverly Hills being the mecca of plastic surgery, only 15% of surgeons are women, E! reports.

The series premieres on Monday, September 28 at 10 pm on E! and Showbiz Cheat Sheet offers an exclusive peek of what’s to come this season.

Women helping women

The series features plastic surgeons Dr. Cat Begovic, Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Michelle Lee, and Dr. Suzanne Quardt. A patient is seen telling Lee, “Who knows better than a woman what a woman wants to feel like.”

“Botched has been a successful show for E! and we briefly considered having me join it, but they were excited by the idea of having a female plastic surgery show,” Begovic shared with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “After several meetings, it became evident that TV also needed female positive programming. This evolved into a female plastic surgery ensemble. This show is so near and dear to my heart. It’s the culmination of years of time and effort finally coming to fruition.”

Each surgeon brings her own specialty to the series. “I’m Dr. Cat and I pioneered vaginal cosmetic surgery,” Begovic says in the exclusive clip. Killeen brings her expertise in breast surgery. She’s seen telling a patient what would “ring true to almost every woman.”

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Lee specializes in facial plastic surgery. A patient asks her about her age as Lee is the youngest surgeon on the show. “Don’t ever ask a woman that question,” she laughs with her patient.

Quardt says she literally does it all. “From the snooter to the cooter,” she laughs in a confessional interview. She’s seen talking to a patient who says she never wants her husband to see her naked. “Well you are so young and beautiful, you should not be hiding,” Quardt tells the patient.

The series is more than skin deep

Dr. 90210 shows how the team of surgeons make a serious difference in patients’ lives. From botched plastic surgery to handling cysts and a variety of issues, Dr. 90210 allows viewers to see the comprehensive care patients receive from this team of surgeons. “It’s about fixing issues we can cure a person on the inside,” Quardt says in the clip. The team treats both men and women to help them in their journey to health and wellbeing.

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“I hope that plastic surgery is not just viewed as something superficial or vain but transformative,” Begovic told the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “As I say in the intro to the show ‘plastic surgery may seem like it’s all about the outside but it’s really all about the inside.'”