‘Dr. Brain’: Episode 3 Recap – Sewon Gets Closer to Finding an Answer

Apple TV+‘s original Korean language drama, Dr. Brain, continues its journey deep into the memories of the undead. Starring Lee Sun-kyun as Koh Sewon, the gifted scientist delves further into trying to figure out the mystery behind his family’s tragedy. Dr. Brain Episode 3 has Sewon discover a startling truth about Kangmu (Park Hee-soon), as he becomes a target by someone who wants him dead.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Dr. Brain.]

'Dr. Brain' episode 3 for Apple TV+ with Sewon surround by two other characters.
Main character Sewon for ‘Dr. Brain’ episode 3 | via Apple TV+

Sewon learns Kangmu is a manifestation in ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 3

Following the end events in episode 2, Sewon learned from Jiun (Seo Ji-hye) that Kangmu was in a severe car crash and died four days ago. When the doorbell rings, Sewon lets Kangmu inside and realizes what is really going on. Sewon initially believes Kangmu is a manifestation from Junki’s (Kim Joo-hun) memories. But he quickly realizes the first brain sync he ever did was with Kangmu’s dead body. Back at the precinct, Jiun and her team go after Sewon.

Back at the morgue, Sewon confirms the first body was Kangmu’s. Kangmu questions the coincidence of the situation. Sewon’s first brain sync happened to be with the private investigator his wife’s lover hired. Later on, Namil (Lee Jae-Won) gets a call from Sewon. Namil claims he chose the body randomly and agrees to meet with Sewon.

Sewon drives to the location where Kangmu died. He gets a flashback into Kangmu’s memories leading to the crash. Kangmu was being tailed and tried to shake them off by hiding off-road. As Kangmu drives off, a car crashes into him from behind. The memory reveals the face of Taegu (Um Tae-goo) and his partner. They murdered Kangmu for looking into Sewon’s wife.

Sewon becomes a target in ‘Dr. Brain’

Sewon during brain sync in 'Dr. Brain' Episode 3 on morgue table.
Sewon during brain sync in ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 3 | via Apple TV+

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Back at the lab, Namil tries to leave the office without raising suspicion. He is stopped by Yoo-Jin (Ahn Mi-na) and tells him Secretary Yoon will contact him to discuss his behavior. Sewon and Kangmu go to a local shopping mall to meet with Namil. As they wait, Sewon notices a man who might be Taegu.

As Jiun and her partner arrive at the mall to find Sewon, Taegu and his partner have him trapped in a hallway. Using the abilities from brain syncing with the cat, Sewon fights them off. Gunfire alerts Jiun. Taegu is killed, and his partner escapes during the shootout. Jiun transports Sewon to the precinct and does not believe him about accessing the memories of the deceased or his story about Kangmu.

After passing a polygraph test, Sewon is taken into custody. Namil then visits his mother before going into hiding. Later on, Jiun realizes Sewon is right, and they need to find Junki’s daughter. She lets him brain sync with Taegu. Taegu’s memories reveal he was ordered to kill Kangmu and Junki. He and his partner left Junki’s daughter behind. But after meeting an unknown person, they are informed Junki’s daughter can draw everything she has seen in detail. They have to dispose of her.

Junki’s daughter unveils a new clue in ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 2

Sewon and Jiun for 'Dr. Brain' Episode 3 talking to restaurant owner.
Sewon and Jiun for ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 3 | via Apple TV+

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Taegu is in charge of burying Junki’s daughter alive. Unable to do it, Taegu leaves her with his girlfriend. Dr. Brain Episode 3 continues with Sewon using Taegu’s memories to find the girlfriend. At a bar-restaurant, they inform Taegu’s girlfriend he is dead and involved in a serious crime. She admits Junki’s daughter ran away. After checking her apartment to confirm the girl is not there, Sewon thinks she is somewhere in the forest.

As day turns to night, Sewon uses his feline abilities to scope out the area. He notices movement and runs toward the location. He finds her hiding in a ditch unharmed. At the hospital, he asks her where his son is and lets her draw. Junki’s daughter draws an intricate butterfly with an illustration of a small boy and a woman.

Dr. Brain is available to stream on Apple TV+.