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South Florida plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, known as “Dr. Miami” is holding a Bad Bunny ticket drawing to help drive traffic to his new OnlyFans.

The Bad Bunny Last World Tour 2022 presale experience became a source of significant frustration for fans as the Ticketmaster site crashed and wait times were epic, USA Today reports. Salzhauer wanted to ease concert seeker’s pain with a ticket giveaway, but only to the OnlyFans subscribers.

Dr. Miami visits The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show in 2016
Dr. Miami visits The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show in 2016 |Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Bad Bunny ticket giveaway thanks to Dr. Miami

Salzhauer announced the ticket giveaway on Twitter. “Who wants to win free Bad Bunny tickets?” he teased on April 15. Sweetening the deal with, “The tickets are front row and I might throw in a flight to Miami and hotel.” Which he confirmed, “You and a friend could win tickets to see Bad Bunny in Miami including flight and hotel accommodations.”

He emphasized that the ticket giveaway was for OnlyFans subscribers too. “If you subscribe to my OnlyFans you can win free tickets to a Bad Bunny concert + flight and hotel. Only for subscribers.”

Salzhauer shared that winners would be drawn on Monday, April 19th. He also shared a diagram of where the seats were located so fans could see how sweet of a deal they were getting.

Dr. Miami explains why he opened an OnlyFans

Salzhauer is known for his unconventional approaches to patient (and fan) interaction. He offered, “drive-through” Botox during the pandemic, which he administered in a parking lot. “Just wear a mask, put your head out the car window,” Salzhauer told  Miami New Times. “Pull right on up. Five minutes. Boom, boom, Botox, and they’re on their way.” 

He is now trying to drive traffic to his OnlyFans and recently shared why he joined the site, which is usually reserved for sex workers. “The reason is that there are absolutely no restrictions on what I can show,” Salzhauer told Miami New Times in a new interview. “On Snapchat, sometimes I’ll get a warning that we’re posting too much skin, even though it’s medical. I want to be able to be unrestricted.”


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“People really like to see labiaplasties,” he added. “That’s perfect for OnlyFans. Snapchat usually puts warnings and takes those down. People will see the before and after of everything, and just more behind-the-scenes stuff about patients’ preparation and recovery, fast-track surgery dates when there are cancelations. We’ll show what the fans want.”

Salzhauer added that subscription proceeds ($4.99 a month for the lowest level) will ultimately go toward plastic surgery giveaways. “That was Megan’s idea,” Salzhauer said about his social media manager Megan Pierre. “The point is to make surgery accessible to people who can’t easily afford it. Once a month from the proceeds, we’re gonna pay for somebody’s mommy makeover. And hopefully, we’ll make enough to be able to pay for the whole thing — airfare, hotel, surgery, recovery.”