‘Dr. Pimple Popper’: Sandra Lee Revealed How She Never Gets Grossed Out

How a reality show about a dermatologist became such a hit is proof of how different TV has become over the last decade as audiences crave real stories. Dr. Pimple Popper with Dr. Sandra Lee is one of the greatest examples of how real some reality shows are, though probably wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago.

One thing for sure is anyone watching this show for the first time will initially recoil in how unsettling it is to watch. After all, it does deal with some serious skin issues ranging from patients suffering from severe acne to giant cysts.

Because Lee is seen opening up giant zits and abscesses, it can get more than a little disgusting. From her perspective, though, she’s learned to not get grossed out by it … proving professionalism is a learned art form.

Lee exhibited her professional behavior on YouTube in the beginning

Dr. Sandra Lee during an interview
Dr. Sandra Lee | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Yes, YouTube has nurtured more than a few stars thanks to developing fan bases for specific channels. Sandra Lee started her career by posting videos there from her dermatology business in San Diego.

She started this ten years ago, though didn’t make it into a real money-making venture until around the middle part of the decade. Just before she landed her Dr. Pimple Popper TV deal, she was also posting on places like Reddit where everyone can still see her inaugural post.

Lee wasn’t afraid to be open and honest about the type of dermatology she practiced. Her videos brought a lot of fascination because she was known for posting vids of her literally popping pimples.

As disgusting as that sounds, many people related to it since they’d likely had similar procedures done.

Videos that educate and show truth like hers were desired by a public already tiring of reality show manipulation. No wonder her YouTube channel continues to this day with clips from her popular TLC show.

The art of never showing disgust at a skin problem

One of the earliest questions fielded to Lee on Reddit was how she prevents herself from being sickened by some of the skin cases she treats. Her answer was insightful in demonstrating how a doctor should treat a patient.

According to her, she doesn’t display any reactions to skin conditions she sees, no matter if it’s something new to her and the staff. Plus, she tells her assistants to refrain from reacting as well.

No doubt this helped her gain more fans alongside the morbid fascination in seeing her break open pus-filled skin bumps. While nobody should watch the show while eating dinner, it’s become an educational tool for many who deal with skin problems. Official statistics show just how widespread skin conditions are in America and abroad.

There was a major dearth of such important information on TV, inspiring Lee to carve out a niche she now essentially owns.

Gaining the respect of patients

Everyone wants Dr. Sandra Lee to treat their skin issues nowadays. Celebrities haven’t quite been brave enough to go to Lee to have things removed from their skin, but the doc has named some conditions after notables.

Recently, Lee showed a live surgery of an epidermoid cyst being removed from a man’s chest. Some saw “Kelly Clarkson Epidermoid Cyst” on Lee’s YouTube page and assumed it was Clarkson herself.

It turns out Lee only named it this because Clarkson had a similar cyst, including having it burst on her ovary last year while judging on The Voice.

Perhaps Lee has gained enough confidence in her public where celebrities will start appearing on her show. Even though she admits she isn’t resistant to the many gross things she removes, it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t show the same respect to someone famous as she does her regular clients.

No doubt other dermatologists aren’t as well-controlled as Lee is, bringing proof she’s possibly the greatest dermatologist working in America today.