‘Dr. Romantic’ Season 3: Everything We Know – From Returning Actors, Production, and More

As K-drama fans know, getting continuing installments of a popular drama was rare. But the 2016 drama Dr. Romantic broke the rules as its medical-romance storyline was a smashing success among fans. After its second season, a fan wanted more as a Dr. Romantic Season 3 was rumored to be in the works. Here is everything about the confirmed season, like returning cast members.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Dr. Romantic 2.]

‘Dr. Romantic’ Season 3 is reported to start filming in November

In September of 2021, news reports stated that Dr. Romantic Season 3 was a possibility. According to Soompi, SBS reported that the season would begin filming in 2022, with an expected premiere date in winter.

SBS explained, “We have started discussions regarding production of a third season.” But they also claimed the cast had not been made official, despite reports of its leading actors returning. On August 10, 2022, Naver reported PD Yoo In-sik confirmed Dr. Romantic would begin production soon.

According to a translation of the Naver article, the production team has begun discussing an approximate filming start date. “With the expectation that they will start filming in earnest after November when they finish their next project schedule. They recently recruited staff and started preparing for production,” says the article.

The start date seems promising as PD Yoo has recently finished preparations for the Netflix K-drama, Extraordinary Attonery Woo. Dr. Romantic’s writer Kang Eun-kyung has also been known to have been working on the third season script since 2020, when the second season ended.

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Han Suk-kyu, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Lee Sung-kyung reported returning for ‘Dr. Romantic’ Season 3

The medical romance drama focused on three main characters working at the same hospital. Actor Han Seok-hyu played the leading role of Boo Yong-joo/ Kim Sa-bu (Teacher Kim). A certified medical surgeon who goes through a traumatic event. He disappears, changes his name, and starts over at a small town hospital. According to Naver, Han will return to his role in Dr. Romantic Season 3.

The third season will occur after the second season’s events and bring back actor Lee Sung-kyung. The Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo actor starred as Cha Eun-jae, a suspended doctor forced to follow Young-joo and another colleague to Doldam Hospital.

Before starring in Business Proposal and Abyss, actor Ahn Hyo-seop joined Dr. Romantic in its second season as Seo Woo-jin. The character is a gifted doctor but is ostracized by his peers. According to Soompi, SBS officially announced the third season and to premiere in 2023. Fans can expect Dr. Romantic Season 3 to bring back their favorites.

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What happened in the finale of ‘Dr. Romantic 2’?

Before Dr. Romantic Season 3, fans need a refresher about what happened in the second season. As the main characters from the second season return, it is important to know how their stories ended. Throughout the season, fans learned that Woo-jin was trying to pay off his father’s debt.

He can make payments thanks to his job and with help from Teacher Kim. But they learn the loan share company he owes money to is owned by fellow doctor Bae Moon-jung (Shin Dong-wook). They learn that Moon-jung wants nothing to do with his father’s dirty company. While Woo-jin does not officially pay off the debt, he feels the weight lifted off his shoulders.

Eun-jae’s story ends happily thanks to Teacher Kim. She joined him at Doldam Hospital after being suspended due to an accident during surgery. She lost her confidence in the operating room. Teacher Kim works with her to regain the self-assurance of her skills, and it works. She stays at Doldam after realizing they cared more about her than her previous hospital.

One of the final issues is the ownership of Doldam hospital. Dr. Romantic 2 finale has Teacher Kim succeed in having Doldam Hospital an independent entity from Geodae Institute.

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