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When anime fans heard of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero indefinite delay due to the Toei Animation hack, fans rushed online to find out what happened. They checked the official website to find a Japanese message from the Dragon Ball studio. When they translated it, the statement caused fans to worry that the third-party hackers either leaked the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie or at least had their hands on it.

Gohan in the 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' trailer from Toei Animation
Gohan in the ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ trailer | Toei Animation

The translated Toei Animation hack statement has fans worried the hackers leaked the ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ movie

On March 6, 2022, an unauthorized third party tried hacking Toei Animation. Several titles, like Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Delicious Party: Pretty Cure, Digimon Ghost Game, and One Piece, had episodes delayed when the anime studio began investigations.

And the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movies also faced delays, putting off the Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo adventure. Toei Animation released a statement in Japanese, forcing English fans to read a translated version.

One line seemed particularly alarming, reading “the movie Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, which was scheduled to be released nationwide from April 22 (Friday), was released due to unauthorized access to the network by a third party at the production company Toei Animation.”

“Wait, so did the people who breached the company release the movie themselves? Is this just a weird translation error or something?” One fan asked on Reddit.

It seemed like the studio said that the hackers had leaked the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie. However, the wordy was choppy, like most autotranslations. This led to fans asking if an error had mixed the meaning or if the hackers had ahold of the movie.

Fans debated if there was a translation error or if the ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ movie was leaked

The anime fans weighed both sides. On the one hand, the Toei Animation statement indicated that the third-party hackers had leaked the movie. On the other hand, localization teams often need months to convey the same meanings from Japanese to English.

Another version of the message read, “As previously announced, Toei Animation, the production company of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was scheduled to be released nationwide on April 22 (Fri.), experienced unauthorized access to its network by a third party, making it difficult to produce the movie.”

Fans hoped the second reading proved the more accurate one.

However, fans on Reddit did not rule out the possibility of a Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero leak. One fan said that the English dub of Dragon Ball Super: Broly leaked online before it hit North American theaters.

“I’m assuming the translation is off when it says ‘was released due to unauthorized access to the network by a third party’ because that sounds like these breachers were able to alter or get their hands on the movie?” One fan said.

They expressed worry over the international release, joining many others hoping for some good news.

Some curious fans might not care about the leaked studio drama and just want to know where to watch the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

However, no link has surfaced. If the third-party hackers did manage to get ahold of the anime movie, they have not posted it online.


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Alternatively, as one fan suggested, they may have altered the movie internally. This leaves Toei Animation to patch up any damage done.

As investigations continue, fans can only sigh and wait for more information from the anime studio on the next adventure for the Super Saiyan fighters.