‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’: A Guide to the New Cast and Characters

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero makes its U.S. debut on Aug. 19, and the anime movie will reunite fans with beloved characters like Gohan and Piccolo. It will also introduce several new faces to the Dragon Ball Franchise, all of them compelling in their own way. So, who exactly has joined the cast of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Here’s a breakdown of all the new characters and the voice actors who portray them.

Magenta will continue the Red Ribbon Army’s mission

Dr. Hedo and Magenta, two new characters from 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.' They're talking to one another in the backseat of a car.
Dr. Hedo and Magenta in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ | Bird Studio/Shueisha, 2022 Dragon Ball Super Film Partners

Magenta serves as the main villain of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero — and as far as antagonistic characters go, he’s an interesting one. His father is the original founder of the Red Ribbon Army, the wicked organization featured all the way back in Dragon Ball. Magenta hopes to revive the group during the latest Dragon Ball Super movie, and he enlists Dr. Hedo and his creations to do so. He claims aliens like Goku and Vegeta are a threat to Earth, a compelling argument to gain followers.

In the English dub, Magenta is voiced by Charles Martinet, the actor best known for portraying Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi. The subbed version of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sees Volcano Ota taking on the role after working on numerous other anime, including Sk8 the Infinity and Digimon Ghost Game.

Dr. Hedo is 1 of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s most interesting characters

While Magenta’s motivations throughout Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are mostly rooted in self-interest, Dr. Hedo offers a more nuanced antagonist. A scientist with a penchant for creating androids, Dr. Hedo is also the descendant of a familiar villain. He’s the grandson of Dr. Gero, the man who created Cell. Dr. Hedo finds himself pulled into Magenta’s plans, and he brings his strongest androids with him.

Zach Aquilar, who voices Tanjiro Kamado in the English dubbed version of Demon Slayer, brings Dr. Hedo to life in the dub of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Miyu Irino voices the character in the Japanese sub, and fans may recognize the voice actor from Mob Psycho 100 or Platinum End.

Carmine does Magenta’s bidding

The final human villain introduced in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Carmine is one of the more serious characters from the movie. Magenta’s right-hand man, Carmine does everything from enacting his boss’ will to driving him around. Compared to Magenta and Dr. Hedo, he’s got a no-nonsense demeanor. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be reasons to laugh at him…

The English dub of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sees Jason Marnocha stepping into the role. Marnocha is well known for voicing Megatron in the animated Transformers series, but he also recently appeared in Vinland Saga and Lupin the 3rd. As for the Japanese voice actor who brings Carmine to life, that honor goes to none other than Ryota Takeuchi, who has a long history of anime roles.

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 round out the cast of new ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ characters

Rounding out the new characters from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the androids Dr. Hedo creates to assist the newly refounded Red Ribbon Army. Unlike the other villains, the Gammas believe they’re doing the right thing throughout the Dragon Ball Super movie. The pair calls themselves superheroes, and they boast an impressive amount of power.

In the English dub, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are voiced by Aleks Le and Zeno Robinson, respectively. Le is known for portraying Zenitsu Agatsuma in Demon Slayer, while Robinson voices Hawks in My Hero Academia. Meanwhile, the Japanese voice actors behind Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are Hiroshi Kamiya and Mamoru Miyano. Kamiya provides the voice for Captain Levi in Attack on Titan, while Miyano portrays Light in Death Note.

Needless to say, the latest Dragon Ball Super movie boasts a good deal of talent — and some fascinating new characters. Fans won’t want to miss the film when it arrives.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hits U.S. theaters on Aug. 19, 2022.

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