Is ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Any Other Streaming Service?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hits U.S. theaters on Aug. 19, and longtime fans of the anime will no doubt head out to watch the film. However, some may be hoping to view the latest addition to the Dragon Ball franchise at home. So, is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, or any other streaming platform?

Is ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ available on any streaming platform?

Unfortunately, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero isn’t available on any streaming service as of this writing. The anime movie will play exclusively in theaters for the time being. Per Crunchyroll, it will be available in more than 2,300 movie theaters across the U.S. The film will also play in IMAX.

In addition to its U.S. debut, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is slated to arrive in Canada, the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Zambia, Vietnam, Estonia, and Poland on Aug. 19. Those living in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South America can look forward to an Aug. 18 release date.

The latest Dragon Ball Super movie will debut in a number of other regions throughout August and September as well. To see when it’s playing near you, check out Crunchyroll’s list of international release dates.

Will ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ come to Crunchyroll or Netflix?

Gohan and Gamma fighting in 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,' which is not currently streaming. Both characters look angry, and they're pushing their foreheads together.
Screenshot of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ | Bird Studio/Shueisha, 2022 Dragon Ball Super Film Partners

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero may start out as a theatrical release, but it seems inevitable that the film will eventually be available for streaming. There’s no word on when it might go online — or what platform it will call its streaming home.

Of course, many anime films head to Crunchyroll after their theatrical run. And Crunchyroll is distributing Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero alongside Toei Animation. With that in mind, it seems likely the film will head to the anime streaming service whenever it goes online. However, we’ll have to wait for further updates to know for sure.

If Crunchyroll does become its streaming home, it could take a while for the new Dragon Ball Super movie to join its library. After all, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 debuted in the U.S. back in March. It’s still not available on the platform, though Crunchyroll recently confirmed that it will be in September.

How to watch the movie right now

With streaming details for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero unlikely to surface any time soon, fans eager to see the movie will have to do so in theaters. Tickets are currently on sale through You can also check your local theater for showtimes and ticket information.

Given all the action sequences and CGI animation, it may be worthwhile to watch Gohan and Piccolo’s latest adventure on the big screen. Of course, we’ll be waiting for updates on the movie’s streaming release as well.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero makes its U.S. debut on Aug. 19, 2022.

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