Drake Had to Rap About One Rare $550k Purchase

Drake is probably one of the most popular rappers of the modern era, and there are plenty of reasons for his success. His work as an actor in Degrassi helped get his foot in the door, but his music career has become what he’s best known for.

As a result of that, Drake’s made a lot of money with his music, and like any other celebrity, he’s been spending it on some lavish purchases. And, like most people, some of those big purchases have been on cars. Here’s a look at the $550,000 Mercedes-Maybach Pullman that Drake bought and rapped about. 

Drake performing at a concert
Drake performing at a concert in Atlanta | Chris McKay/Getty Images for Live Nation

A recap of Drake’s career

Unlike most rappers and hip hop artists, Drake’s music career didn’t have humble beginnings. However, with the success of Degrassi, he was not only able to support his mom and himself, but he was also able to pursue his real passion of music. And, after a mixtape or two, it became clear that music was probably what he’s best at. 

His debut album, Thank Me Later, was a big hit, and it’s only been uphill for him since then. That said, music career aside, nowadays, Drake is also well-known for his love of the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, as well as his personal relationships.

Regardless, his continued success both in the music industry and outside of it has made him a lot of money. Currently, he has a net worth of about $180 million.

Drake raps about his $550,000 Maybach

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Cars are highly valued in rap, so naturally, when Drake and Future released their mixtape, “What a Time to Be Alive” in 2015, Drake had a freestyle where he bragged about buying a brand-new Mercedes, one that’s so rare that people will have to Google it.

This Mercedes was a Maybach Pullman, according to Business Insider, and while it may not be the rarest car in the world, it certainly is worth the $550,000 that Drake paid for it.

The 2016 Maybach Pullman, according to Car and Driver, is a very long car as it’s over 21-feet long. The Pullman can be considered a luxury limo, but it can also be considered a very big sedan. Because of this size though, the rear part of the car is basically a club lounge, according to Car and Driver, and it has plenty of luxurious features that are fitting for a club lounge. 

For example, leather seats are standard, and there’s a massive 18.5-inch monitor as well as a premium sound system. It also comes with a powerful, 6.0-liter V12 that gets 523-hp.

Since it’s a luxury car, Mercedes allows owners to customize their Pullman a lot. As a result, it’s not clear how much Drake paid for it, since it’s entirely possible that he added a lot of extras to his Pullman.

Other extravagant purchases

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While this Maybach was a relatively recent purchase, Drake still has plenty of money to spend. Although he’s bought plenty of expensive cars in the past, it’s not the only thing that he’s spent his money on.

For example, one time, Drake even spent $1 million on a necklace. In addition to that, as thanks for his support for the Raptors, the team gave him a diamond-encrusted jacket that’s worth about $500,000. 

Another one of Drake’s fashion exploits is his collection of Birkin bags that are worth a lot of money. For him, fashion is just a hobby and a great way to look good in public. In fact, fashion is such a big deal for him that he even has his own fashion label, OVO, and it, unsurprisingly, sells high-end stuff, too.