Fans Are Convinced That Drake Has a ‘Harry Potter’ Tattoo

Canadian rapper Drake is known for a lot of things. The artist has been dominating the music charts for years, he’s known for his full beard and for his love of Rihanna. However, the “God’s Plan” rapper is also known for his tattoos, and not in a good way.

The Degrassi alum is currently in Barbados (Rihanna’s homeland) waiting out the coronavirus pandemic. He’s been gracing his fans with a slew photos of himself lounging by the beach and by the pool. The paparazzi have also been able to snap a few photos of the rapper.

In one of the photos, all of Drake’s intricate back tattoos were on display and now fans are convinced the 33-year-old has a massive Harry Potter tattoo.

Drake has a ton of tattoos

If you’ve ever listened to Drake’s music or read or watched any of his interviews, then you know that he is very sentimental. His tattoos are of great significance to him. On his back alone, he has several intricate portraits of his loved ones and people who have inspired him.

Some of those tattoos include portraits of his parents and grandmother as well as his uncle. He also has tats of Lil Wayne, British singer Sade, producer ’40’, his OVO owl, and the late R&B singer Aaliyah, whom Drake has never met but adores.

At present, the Dark Lane Demo Tapes rapper has a fairly large space of open skin on his back and honesty, we’re convinced he’s saving that for a giant portrait of Rihanna.

Fans think they spotted a ‘Harry Potter’ tattoo on Drake’s back

Looking at all of Drake’s tats on display as he got out of the pool, fans spotted something super interesting on the right side of his body, nearly tucked under his arm.

It looks like Drake has a massive tattoo of Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) and his owl Hedwig inked on his side, Like many of us, the Boy Who Lived and the magical Wizarding World were greatly influential to Drake.

We know that back in 2017, the rapper contemplated spending $160, 000 on a first edition Harry Potter book as a birthday present to himself. “I should get it,” Drake said at the time. “My birthday’s coming up. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a treat.”

He also previously told The Hollywood Reporter that he was a major fan of J.K. Rowling’s series, saying,  he’s “read them all”.


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Fans are going nuts over Drake’s ‘Harry Potter’ tattoo

Fans legitimately cannot get over the fact that Drake is quite possibly walking around here with Radcliffe’s face on his back. “I CANT STOP LAUGHING why does Drake have Harry Potter and Hedwig tattooed on his back?” one fan tweeted. Another added, “They said Drake tattoos look like a zoom meeting.”

Honestly, we can’t even clown Drake for this, Harry Potter got many of us through some trying times in our lives and if he wants to keep the Chosen One close to him at all times, then that’s certainly his prerogative.