Drake Made a Move That Has Fans Convinced He’s Trying to Win Back Rihanna

Drake’s relationship with Rihanna is nothing if not complicated. The entertainers started out as friends then became romantically involved then went back to being pals before having a pretty big fall out. These days, it’s hard to tell where they stand, but a recent move by Drake has fans convinced that he is ready to make amends and get back in the singer’s good graces.

Rihanna and Drake at an award show in August 2016
Rihanna and Drake at an award show in August 2016 | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Looking back at the fallout between Rihanna and Drake

After years of being off-and-on, it seemed in 2016 like Rihanna and Drake had finally reached a stable point. He professed his love for her at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards while she showed him some never-before-seen affection at a concert. But by early 2017, it seemed like things had once again died down.

It’s unclear what caused the apparent rift. But Rihanna went on to tell Vogue for its June 2018 issue that she no longer had a relationship with the “God’s Plan” artist. “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is,” she stated.

After the interview, Drake reportedly unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram, per Us Weekly. Things seemed to remain tense in the years that followed, with Drake telling Rap Radar in December 2019 that he still did not have a relationship with the Barbadian beauty.

Things have started to look up

In January, Rihanna and Drake crossed paths at the annual Yams Day concert in Brooklyn, New York, per Elle. In a video shared to Twitter, they were seen standing mere feet away from each other, but it’s unclear if they talked.

However, during the week of March 22, Rihanna and Drake joined a mutual friend’s Instagram Live and were seen communicating. At one point in the conversation, Drake affectionately referred to the singer by her first name and urged her to drop her highly-anticipated ninth studio album, which has been dubbed R9 by fans.

“Give drake some water,” she said as Drake continued to comment. In response, he jokingly wrote that she had a “bad attitude.”

Drake reportedly followed Rihanna on Instagram

After the chat, Drake reportedly followed Rihanna on Instagram, according to the entertainment website Ace Showbiz. This prompted rumors that he is trying to get her back — and some fans are not here for it.

The outlet reports that many fans warned Drake on social media to stay away from Rihanna while others lamented that “it will be no time before we see them exiting clubs ‘separately.'”

Others, however, suggested that he might merely be interested in another music collaboration — which isn’t too far-fetched of an idea. Fans know that these two tend to make massive hits together — from “Work” to “What’s My Name?”

Neither of them has commented on the current state of their relationship, but it seems like Rihanna is keeping somewhat of a distance, as the outlet notes that she allegedly does not follow him back on Instagram.

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