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  • “Honestly, Nevermind” is a different sound for Drake
  • Not everyone is a fan
  • The artist’s reaction to the album’s critics

Drake dropped his seventh studio album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” on Friday June 17, 2022. While the album’s only been in the world for a long weekend, it’s already been met with some hot takes from critics and fans alike. But that doesn’t bother Drake, who says the people just “don’t get it yet.” 

Drake, who just dropped 'Honestly, Nevermind,' speaks into a microphone.
Drake | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

‘Honestly, Nevermind’

Nine months after the “Girls Want Girls” artist released “Certified Lover Boy,” the album with 12 pregnant women emojis on the cover, “Honestly, Nevermind” was born. The album was executive produced by 40 (Noah Shebib), DJ and producer Black Coffee, Oliver El-Khatib (Drake’s manager), and Noel Cadastre (his engineer). 

Lyrically, “Honestly, Nevermind” doesn’t stray too far from what we’re used to with Drake. There are still plenty of morose romantic musings. But, in this album, they happen atop club-y dance beats. 

Drake receives mixed reactions to ‘Honestly, Nevermind’

On the day of its release, “Honestly, Nevermind” had plenty of listeners. According to Hot Freestyle, the album broke Apple Music’s dance album record for most first-day streams. And he did it in an hour. 

Not everyone was a fan. 

“This new Drake sounds like the music that plays when Batman fights people in a nightclub,” tweeted one listener. 

“’Honestly, Nevermind’ is what I wish I said before wasting my time listening to this album,” wrote another (there’s many more like this — Drake sort of set up the haters for that one).

But the album has plenty of love, too. 


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“Listened to Honestly, Nevermind 3 times now fully & all I have to say is Drake is a genius… This always happens with Drake albums, people shit on it then they’re bumping it. It was different but it wasn’t bad. People hated Views, it now might be his best album. Give it a chance,” tweeted one fan. 

“I like drake’s album so far,” tweeted another fan along with a picture of Patrick Star getting booed by a crowd. 

Drake says not everyone gets his new album yet

In a clip shared by Complex, Drake appears to address the negative reactions “Honestly, Nevermind” has received so far. The video reportedly takes place at the album release party. 

In the clip, above the pulsating music, we hear the “Nice For What” artist say: 

“It’s all good if you don’t get it yet. It’s all good. That’s what we do. That’s what we do. We wait for you to catch up. We’re in here, though. We’re caught up already. On to the next. My goodness.” 

Then he breaks out singing “Calling My Name.”