Drake Used a Diamond-Encrusted Owl to Complete His $1 Million Custom Rolls Royce

Whether you know Drake from Degrassi, his rap career, or his infamous feuds with Pusha T and Kanye West, he is at the top of the musical world. He’s had his controversies in the past, but he’s overcome them.

And now, thanks to his continuing success, his net worth keeps on growing. Like any celebrity though, he needs to spend his millions on something. So, when Drake decided to get a new car, he decided that he might as well use it to promote his fashion brand, too.

Drake’s OVO brand

As some people may know, the best way to stay rich is by diversifying your portfolio. Drake’s already a successful musical artist and actor, so it wasn’t long before he decided to join the fashion world, too.

According to Business of Fashion, Drake is the co-owner of OVO, which is a fashion line that’s a spin-off of Drake’s own record label, OVO Sound. OVO stands for “October’s Very Own”, and unsurprisingly, Drake was born in October. 

OVO, since it started making clothes in 2011, has since collaborated with the Toronto Raptors, which is Drake’s favorite NBA team. On top of that, Business of Fashion says that by 2018, OVO was making about $50 million a year in revenue. The OVO brand has grown significantly since then, so Drake’s fashion company likely makes more money nowadays. 

The OVO logo is an owl, and this was exactly how Drake decided to pimp out his custom Rolls Royce.

Drake’s $1 million dollar custom Rolls Royce

Drake | David Becker/Getty Images for Clear Channel

GQ reported Drake bought a Rolls Royce Phantom VIII. The standard Phantom VIII starts at about $450,000, but Drake, like many celebrities, customized his car a lot.

Off the bat, he didn’t buy his Phantom VIII from Rolls Royce itself. Instead, he got it from Mansory, which is a company that customizes luxury cars. Drake’s Rolls Royce was actually a Phantom VIII Bushukan special edition from Mansory.

But Drake wasn’t done yet. Drake hired Driving Emotions Motorcar, which is an auto shop in Toronto, to fit a new body kit onto his car. Along with a black and gold paint job, Drake also got them to replace Rolls Royce’s ornament with a golden OVO owl.

This golden owl had diamonds from the Hearts on Fire Diamond Company encrusted on its eyes, too. On top of that, this special OVO owl has Drake’s full name, Aubrey Drake Graham, engraved at its base.

It’s unknown how much all of those customizations are worth, but GQ estimates that they’re worth hundreds of thousands of dollars by themselves. Regardless, the Phantom VIII is still a great, powerful car to own. Its 6.7-liter V12 engine gets over 560-hp while providing one of the most luxurious rides possible. 

Other examples of Drake’s love of diamonds

Drake is a big fan of his hometown NBA team, the Raptors, so it wasn’t long before he collaborated with them. One of the collaborations between OVO and the Raptors resulted in a million-dollar custom-jersey that was made just for Drake.

According to GQ, this is a really fancy jacket that has over 235 diamonds sewn into it. Those diamonds were used to stitch out the logos of OVO and the Raptors on the inside of the jacket. 

On top of that, GQ says that the jacket is partially made from the fabric of a 100-year old basketball jersey that was imported from Europe. This is a one of a kind jersey that Drake probably won’t be selling soon. That said, Drake has shown his love of diamonds in other ways, too. For example, Drake also owns a collection of diamond rings.