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Four-time Grammy award-winning Canadian rapper Drake decided to solidify his roots in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. In 2017, The “Hold on, We’re Going Home” rapper began working on plans for his customized mansion. Drake’s sprawling 50,000 sq ft luxurious mansion is the ultimate extravagance. The Canadian rapper’s spacious 3,200-square-foot master bedroom is about the size of a typical family home.

Drake smiling in front of a purple and blue background
Drake | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Drake’s bedroom is larger than the average American home

Architectural Digest shared images and details about Drake Manor. Drake explained:

“It’s overwhelming high luxury. That message is delivered through the size of the rooms and the materials and details of the floors and the ceilings. I wanted to make sure people can see the work I’ve put in over the years reflected from every vantage point.”

The great room reaches an astonishing height of 44 feet. The great room features two unique pieces of artwork – a customized Bösendorfer concert grand piano and a replica of the Metropolitan Chandelier.

The NBA-size basketball court features a large sunroof and customized seating. Standard seating simply won’t due – the beautiful navy blue and gold-themed basketball court includes a built-in nook with a luxurious couch. The massive home boasts a beautiful swimming pool, trophy room, recording studio, and more.

It’s not just the sheer size of Drake’s estate that sets it apart; the magnificent property is made of the finest materials, unique décor, and customized furniture. According to The Sun, Drake Manor is worth an estimated $100 million. 

Top designers collaborated on projects for the esteemed rapper’s home

Ferris Rafauli, one of the leading Canadian architectural designers, worked closely with Drake throughout the entire home building process. Rafauli describes the style of Drake’s mansion as modern Art Deco.

Art Deco was popularized in the early 1900s and featured richly detailed designs and geometric shapes. Art Deco was the epitome of glamour and extravagance from the 1920s through the 1940s. Modern Art Deco combines symmetrical shapes, fine materials, and elegance for a timeless, classic look.

Rafauli’s uses of Modern Art Deco complimented Drake’s vision for his mansion. Drake expressed that he wants his estate to be timeless. “It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong,” the artist explained.

Attractive artwork decorates the lavish estate. An iconic KAWS sculpture stands at either side of the front entrance. The 2016 set of KAWS figures are a skillfully designed mashup between cartoon characters and the human form, according to Artsy.

Drake’s piano is genuinely unique

Pianist Magazine detailed the design and development behind Drake’s exquisite one-of-a-kind high luxury Bösendorfer concert grand piano. Canadian designer Rafauli collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to develop a customized plan for the piano.

The customized concert piano features colorful sharp and flat keys, ranging from muted purples, aqua blues, and sunset yellows. The colorful keys beautifully complement the intricate crimson, gold, and violet skulls inside the piano lid. Rafauli explained:

“Drake’s world completely revolves around music, so he wasn’t going to buy just any piano. This prized possession is an authentic marriage of artistry, craft, and quality.”

The pair of designers sent their design plan to Austrian piano maker Bösendorfer to have it manufactured. Bösendorfer brought the plans to life and produced Drake’s one-of-a-kind piano that is as luxurious and extravagant as the musician’s taste.

According to Pianist Magazine, there are actually two other pianos like Drake’s; however, their locations and owners are kept private. The “Marvin’s Room” rapper recently received the prestigious Artist of the Decade award at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. The prolific hip-hop artist’s lavish home is expensive but well within Drake’s budget.

Drake’s net worth is currently estimated to be $150 million. That’s a whole lot of dough. The Degrassi actor turned musician is proud of himself, his mansion, and his hometown, “I also think the house says that I will forever remain solid in the place I was born.”

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