Drake’s First Tweet Is All of Us Logging Onto Twitter After Saying We’re Never Coming Back

Drake’s popularity and fame is astounding when you really think about it. He got his start as an actor on the teen drama Degrassi, then pivoted to his hip hop career, for which he is immensely successful today.

His image has changed over the years, too, from a young pop-rapper to a more sensitive and emotional musician to a solid figure in the rap universe. He’s still a staple of meme culture, and has been behind many dances that got popular on Vine and Tiktok.

Therefore, it tracks that Drake’s first forays into social media would be pretty iconic, too. And though it didn’t become a meme in the same way some of Drake’s other media did, Drake’s first ever post on Twitter is definitely relatable.

How did Drake get so famous?

Drake | Karwai Tang/WireImage

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When Drake was only 15 years old, he started acting on the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation.

This show was a teen drama set in a Canadian high school, and the income from this role helped Drake’s family significantly. Drake would stay on this show for nearly a decade, but his fame wouldn’t come from acting. Instead, in 2006, he would start putting together mixtapes, and in 2010 he released his debut single, “Over.”

This was immensely successful, and over the decade he would only grow in fame. He was known for his more moody and emotional music, and his Toronto heritage made him stand out in the largely US-based industry.

His first big meme-worthy hit was “The Motto” in 2011, which led to the phrase “YOLO” entering the modern vocabulary. He would release more hits and popular albums over the years, including his 2015 mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which was a critical darling.

Each year would have at least one massive hit from Drake: “Hotline Bling,” “One Dance,” “Nice For What,” and most recently, “Toosie Slide.” Drake is a major figure in the pop music industry, and likely will be for years to come.

What has Drake’s personal life been like?

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As Drake has been such a huge celebrity, the press have followed his personal life for a long time. Drake has had multiple feuds, and even got in a physical fight with Chris Brown.

Later, he would get into a very public feud with Meek Mill, and one with Pusha T, who ended up digging up dirt on Drake for a diss track mentioning a secret son. Romantically, Drake was known for having a tumultuous relationship with Rihanna until 2016, though rumors of other relationships continue to fly in the press.

What was Drake’s first tweet?

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Drake joined Twitter in 2009, three years after the platform first launched. But Drake seemed to be pretty underwhelmed with the website, and instead of an excited introduction, he seemed quite resigned:

It’s pretty relatable: who hasn’t been pressured to join a social media site because it feels like everybody else was using it? And in the landscape we’re in now, it’s common to try to quit, but most of us end up coming back.

It’s hard to avoid using massive sites like Twitter and Facebook — so maybe it’s for the best to acknowledge that it can be tiring to use these platforms. Drake seems to be ahead of the curve on this, but now we can all relate to his initial impressions of Twitter.