Drax Might Not Survive ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ But Fans Are Already Expecting It

Speculation about who lives and dies in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 keeps going on and may go on longer if delays in filming continue due to COVID-19. If the main prediction is Rocket Raccoon likely dying, others think further potential characters could bite the dust.

At least these renegade superheroes will never have to worry about being dusted again if brought back to life in 2023 thanks to the reverse snap. Dying yet again by other means might become the ultimate tragedy, though.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) knows how to mess with everyone’s emotions in this department. Everyone should prepare for multiple characters to die, however, based on James Gunn’s past comments. If one has to die, some fans think Drax should complete his arc.

If Drax dies, it would be for a second time

Drax | Marvel Studios

For those paying attention: Drax was one of those who turned to dust at the end of Infinity War. Then he was brought back to life at the end of Endgame. While that benefited the Guardians group in re-forming their original members, Drax had already faced considerable tragedy.

After all, his wife and daughter were killed by Ronan the Accuser, initially setting Drax on a bloodthirsty mission across the universe for revenge. Because of his rampages, he eventually became a prisoner.

It was there where he met many of the future Guardians, with all escaping from the Kyln. Along the way, Drax helped considerably in participating with tracking down the baddies of the universe. First, he found and killed Ronan.

Later, he wanted to take out Thanos personally. At least he did participate in the Battle of Earth without ever going one-on-one with Thanos.

Is a second death for Drax more tragic?

On Reddit, a lot of people are starting to name Drax as being the possibly fated Guardian. All of that goes on the scant information James Gunn offered about a Guardian likely dying.

Others think this was just a ruse, especially since Gunn is known for never being a serial blabber of secrets. If, in fact, only one character dies, Drax completing his arc would make a lot of sense.

Having him become another sacrificial death might be cathartic for him since he devoted a good portion of his life avenging the death of his family. Going forward, having him also die for his new Guardian family would become almost like a new Tony Stark scenario.

To make death more heroic, it has to mean something in a larger sense. Drax has that background, outside not always being mentioned in the same breath as Star-Lord or Rocket.

Perhaps the sacrificial death will be decided among the Guardians

Some Reddit users above commented that maybe Star-Lord and Drax will argue over who should die if fighting a new enemy. Since Star-Lord is going to be searching for Gamora and reinvigorating his romance with her, he may want to die valiantly to prove his feelings.

These are all superheroes who witnessed the bravery of Tony Stark sacrificing his own life for a greater good. Whether a Guardian would really do the same is up in the air, no matter if tough-as-nails vigilantes.

Part of the problem in dealing with a dramatic death will be a problem when snarky comedy is so prevalent in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Pivoting to the stark reality of seeing someone die would take things to grave territory, not unlike Endgame‘s final moments.

If the death of Rocket Raccoon happens instead, the irony would never be quite as strong since he survived the snap. All signs truly point to Drax or another who initially died, then revived. For Drax, that would be both tragic and fulfilling at the same time.