Dream Kardashian Looks Exactly Like Blac Chyna in Mother-Daughter Instagram Post

The relationship between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has been a trainwreck from the beginning. But this endless source of drama also produced Dream, one very adorable little girl. Chyna recently posted a picture of her and her daughter, and fans were abuzz at how much Dream looks like her. 

If you wondered if the chat about whether Dream looks more like her mom or dad stayed away from any controversy, the answer is of course not. The discussion quickly devolved into disagreements about which parent is worse and why. 

Dream Kardashian was born into a tumultuous relationship

Blac Chyna on the red carpet
Blac Chyna | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

From day one, the fact Chyna and Kardashian were dating caused tension. Chyna used to be friends with Kim Kardashian, but that soured with sister Kylie Jenner started dating rapper Tyga.

The problem? Chyna had been in a relationship with Tyga, and they have a son together, King Cairo. Chyna blamed Jenner for breaking up the relationship. 

It’s not surprising that the relationship didn’t progress smoothly when it started with that much baggage. They were engaged after only 10 weeks of dating, and by that time they were already dogged by break up/make up rumors. 

Dream was born in November of 2016, and the couple split up the next month. Then they got back together the month after that. And then they broke up again the next month. This pattern continued until July of 2017, when Kardashian posted nude photos of Chyna in an angry rant about her. This revenge porn incident changed the tenor of the interactions between the two — forever, it seems. 

Getting the law involved

Chyna took Kardashian to court and was granted a restraining order against him. This started a flurry of back-and-forth lawsuits, including one where Kardashian and Jenner accused Chyna of assault and vandalism, and one where Chyna accused Kardashian of abuse and the Kar/Jenner clan of damaging her earning potential. 

Through it all, the two of them seemed to be able to put their daughter’s needs ahead of their own conflict, but now even that has fallen apart.

In January, Kardashian filed an emergency motion, asking the court for sole custody of Dream. He alleged that Chyna was drinking, having parties, and behaving inappropriately and violently around Dream. The judge denied the motions, and said that the accusations were “absolutely absurd.”

Of course, it didn’t end there. Chyna has now levied accusations of abuse against Kardashian. She even involved child protective services, saying that Dream came home from his house twice with burns on her leg. 

Fans disagree about who Dream Kardashian looks like — and more

Recently Chyna posted a photo of her and Dream, and a discussion about it was started on Reddit, titled “Blac & Dream twinning.” This started an argument, with some people saying Dream looks just like her dad, and others insisting she’s the image of her mom. But pretty soon the comments were about the parents themselves.

“Poor kid,” one person said. “I don’t understand why everyone in this sub thinks Chyna is a good person.” Someone else pointed out that “she’s not any worse than the Karjenners, yet we all like them.”

One commenter mentioned Chyna’s problematic behavior, “She did get arrested an airport for screaming at a bartender and then resisting arrest/trying to attack officers. Chyna broke items that belonged to Kylie in a home she was allowing them to live in. She has been physically and emotionally abusive.”

Another person countered, reminding them “did you see the Instagram posts and tweets Rob posted and said about her? They were horribly wrong and was bad to the point other celebrities and fans lost respect for him and told him to stop.”

Some felt that Chyna deserved to be cut a little slack, saying “Chyna has come a long way. Between her toxic mother and her career as an exotic dancer. Now the Kar/Jenners are coming after her to take away her child. God bless her soul.”

One thing’s for sure, even if you agree with the person who said, “They deserve each other!” The contentious couple may deserve each other, but their daughter deserves better.