Drew Barrymore Gets Excited Over Her Shout-out From ‘Ted Lasso’

Ted Lasso has fans head over heels. And pretty much everyone is a fan. Even celebs are watching the Apple TV+ series. Several big-name celebrities have outed themselves as Ted Lasso fans after the show name-dropped or joked about them. Not only do stars love the show as much as everyone else, but they’re also paying attention. Drew Barrymore and Ryan Reynolds are among the boldface names who’ve responded to shout-outs.

‘Ted Lasso’ is a runaway hit 

Ted Lasso cast at the 2021 Emmys: Jeremy Swift (left), Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Juno Temple, Nick Mohammed, and Brendan Hunt
‘Ted Lasso’ cast at the 2021 Emmys | Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

How many sports-based sitcoms have aired in the past 10 years? How many have been successful? After Ted Lasso, the only possible answer is one. It cleaned up at the Emmys and has blown all other sports sitcoms out of the water.

When a vengeful ex-wife hires an American football coach to lead her former husband’s U.K. football (known in the U.S. as soccer) team, she expects disaster. But Ted isn’t the type to give up. 

On the show, Ted wins over his British co-workers with cookies and a positive attitude. He wins over fans in much the same way, although viewers can’t taste his pink-boxed shortbread cookies. But an official recipe is available online.

Reportedly, however, the cookies on the set don’t taste great. According to Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham, they’re pretty bland

Drew Barrymore screamed when she saw her ‘Ted Lasso’ shout-out 

Waddingham’s star is on the rise thanks to her role in Ted Lasso. Many Hollywood stars are watching, including Reba McEntire and Lin Manuel-Miranda.

And Barrymore outed herself as a fan when the show dropped her name. Someone recorded a video of Barrymore watching the scene that mentioned her, and she posted it to her Instagram page. 

In the clip, Barrymore watches a scene in Ted Lasso where Ted addresses the team. He begins telling the players about rom-communism, although his speech devolves into a list of romantic comedy stars before explaining what rom-communism is.

He begins by mentioning familiar rom-com actors like “Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, or Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.” Then he turns to the team for suggestions of other big rom-com names, and a player mentions Barrymore. 

At this point, viewers of Barrymore’s Instagram clip should consider lowering the volume on their devices. Barrymore screams in excitement and shouts, “I’m in Ted Lasso!”

The whole thing is adorable.  

Ryan Reynolds also acknowledged his shout-out

Reynolds also got a nod on the show, but his response was more Reynolds-esque, naturally.

In Ted Lasso, one of the characters mentions that Reynolds and Rob McElhenney called. Reynolds and McElhenney actually own AFC Wrexham, and the character says he thinks they may have bought it as a joke. Both Reynolds and McElhenney are comedians, and they went to great lengths to make the Ted Lasso throw-away joke even funnier. 

Reynolds posted a picture of a supposed cease-and-desist order on Twitter. The letter demands Ted Lasso stop claiming that he and McElhenney bought the club as a joke. Although they harbor no ill will toward the streaming service that brought them “high-quality programming ranging from Mythic Quest season one to Mythic Quest season two,” they cannot let this stand.

The North American football club owners demand no less than two boxes of shortbread cookies. It should be noted that McElhenney stars in Mythic Quest Seasons 1 and 2. 

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