Drew Barrymore Shocked and Brought to Tears by Psychic Medium

Drew Barrymore’s new talk show set out to be lighthearted fare and her fans are digging it. In spite of the pandemic changing the format of traditional talk shows, Barrymore has found ways to interact with her virtual audience and welcome guests to a real stage.

So far, fans have seen fellow celebrities such as James Corden, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hoda Kotb, and Sharon Stone kick it with Barrymore.

She mixes up her guest roster and was recently joined on set by Anna Raimondi, a psychic medium who did a reading for an audience member. The experience turned out to be more than Barrymore expected.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore at Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony, 2019 | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Psychic Anna Raimondi introduced to ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’

An admitted skeptic when it comes to psychics, Barrymore explained that she also believes in many things and has an open heart about readings. She gave Raimondi the floor to speak with an audience member about a loved one who passed away.

Barrymore’s reaction to what Raimondi told the woman about her husband was written on her face, indicating she was both surprised and impressed by what seemed to be an accurate reading.

After Barrymore asked Raimondi a general question about being a medium, Raimondi flipped the conversation and proceeded to read Barrymore. It kind of caught her off guard.

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Barrymore cries after hearing what Raimondi told her

Barrymore probably wasn’t expecting to hear “Do you know who __ is?” during this segment of the show and wound up shedding some tears.

Her ex-husband’s (Will Kopelman) family came up in the conversation and according to Raimondi, various members are still looking out for Barrymore even though they’re deceased.

Barrymore had several moments that moved her to tears and she shared that although she and her ex are divorced, she remains very close with his family. She wants their daughters to have that closeness as they grow up.

Raimondi also passed on a piece of advice from one of the relatives who cautioned Barrymore about overworking herself. By the end of the chat, Barrymore let out an emphatic “Whoa!”

Who is Anna Raimondi?

Raimondi has authored several books and works as a motivational speaker, teacher, and medium. According to her website, she holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and an M.B.A.

She’s also a grief counselor and hypnotherapist. Raimondi has appeared on Dr. Oz as a regular guest, at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Health Summit as well as numerous radio shows.

Raimondi stated that she born a medium and in a 2019 interview with TownVibe, she shared that growing up, her ability sometimes made her feel isolated. As a professional, she conducts private sessions and teaches others about psychic abilities in adults and children.

Fans can check out Raimondi books, Conversations With Mary, Talking to the Dead in Suburbia – An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift, or One with the Drum – A Journey to the Soul.

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