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A 7-year-old Drew Barrymore was so excited to meet talk show host Johnny Carson, that she felt that they could better communicate if she removed her fake set of teeth in the middle of the show.

Barrymore, now 47 shared a throwback clip on Instagram recalling the moment on Carson’s The Tonight Show. She had recently catapulted to fame, starring in the hit sci-fi film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and was ready to talk teeth with Carson – who looked stunned when she removed the top front false set.

Drew Barrymore took out her teeth so she could ‘talk easier’

She asked Carson, “Tell me if you notice this. It would be kinda easier to talk without my teeth.” Carson took the bait and asked what she was talking about. Barrymore removed the pop-in implants and gave Carson a toothy grin, typical for a child her age who had lost a few baby teeth.

Drew Barrymore attended the 40th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 1983
Drew Barrymore | Michael Montfort/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Carson looked both amused and surprised. “Let me see those now,” he said. “Gimme a little smile.” Barrymore grinned ear to ear, showing off two small front adult teeth trying to emerge.

“They’re really growing aren’t they?” he said to Barrymore. “So you wear this when you do …”

“Yeah, TV shows,” she replied. He wondered if she has to wear the implants so her teeth line up. But Barrymore said, “Yeah, but they kill!”

She was really excited to meet Johnny Carson – which may explain the teeth

Barrymore was extremely excited to appear on Carson and made sure he knew it. “I’ve been waiting all my life to meet you and I’m finally on the show,” she said to Carson. “It’s a miracle.”

Carson joked, “Well, that’s why I stayed on the show an extra seven years – just so you would show up here,” he said with his signature dry humor. “I wanted to meet you, too, because I’ve been reading all about you. You’re a lovely young actress.”

Barrymore later told Carson that she was aerobicizing the night before – but the reason was hilarious.  “I was getting aerobicized last night because I didn’t want to get confused,” she shared. Of course, the comment actually confused Carson.

“Well, I was dancing, you know, while my mom was always on the telephone,” Barrymore clarified. Adding about her mom, “She’s always on the telephone.” 

Drew Barrymore said she’s unable to whiten her teeth as an adult

Barrymore dealt with the removable implant when she was a kid, but as an adult, her teeth haven’t been a laughing matter. Many celebrities whiten their teeth, but Barrymore said her teeth are so sensitive she can’t use typical methods.


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“My teeth may not be perfect, but they are clean!! I’ve been using this @crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste and I really can tell a difference! It comes in 2 steps – clean first, then whiten! Working with what I’ve got and I love this toothpaste,” she captioned an Instagram video. Barrymore claimed the video and post were not a paid endorsement. But the toothpaste seemed to be the only way she could whiten her teeth.