Dua Lipa Heard a Miley Cyrus Album No One Else Will Ever Hear

One of the perks of being a rock star is having rock star friends. Dua Lipa got to hear Miley Cyrus’s forthcoming album, or so she thought. Cyrus did share a photo of Dua Lipa in the studio, and she did play what she was working on, but apparently no one else will ever hear it. That’s certainly not the album fans are going to buy.

Dua Lipa
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Cyrus appeared on the Zach Sang: Just the Interviews podcast on Aug. 14 to discuss her new single, “Midnight Sky.” She also revealed she’s already changed her whole album in the days since Dua Lipa heard it. 

The music industry can’t release music as fast as Miley Cyrus can record it

Cyrus described her process to Sang. It has sped up in recent years as technology has allowed her to release music more immediately. That works for singles like “Midnight Sky.”

“I wrote the song only like four weeks ago,” Cyrus told Sang. “That’s what I’ve always hated about records, especially when I used to make them in the early 2000s. You made physicals so you had to turn them in months before. So you really didn’t have this freedom of hey, I feel something today. I’m releasing it tomorrow.”

Miley Cyrus
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Now Cyrus can release her latest single tomorrow, but when some tracks are waiting on the album, they may get replaced before the album is finished.

“For someone like me that’s changing so much, it’s important that we just go with it when it feels relevant because it might not be in the near future,” Cyrus said. “Keeps it really exciting.”

Miley Cyrus is worried Dua Lipa will wonder what hapepned to the album she played her

Cyrus said she’s already changing the album she played for Dua Lipa. She just hopes Dua Lipa understands.

“[I hope she does] not think that I played a fake record when she buys my real one, hoping that Dua Lipa will buy my record or listens to it in some way,” Cyrus said. “Like oh, here’s this fake record, like pop sabotage, or something. Let me play you this thing and then not put it out and have something ready to go. Play something really bad so she thinks no competition and then come with the bangers.”

What happened after Dua Lipa left the studio

Cyrus said she wrote and produced “Midnight Sky” after she’d already recorded another song. That’s how fast she works. The same thing happened with the album she played for Dua Lipa.

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“I posted a photo the other day of me and Dua in the studio,” Cyrus said. “I had her come over and listen to the record [and] I wrote, ‘Oh, Dua’s heard what you haven’t yet.’ Then as soon as she left I was like I should tell her that I really evolve and change really rapidly.”

Dua Lipa is the victim here. Cyrus only intended to get a colleague’s feedback, not to trick her.

“I did not sabotage Dua Lipa,” Cyrus joked. “I just evolved so quickly that the way ‘Midnight Sky’ even happened was actually me wanting to beat the record.”