Dua Lipa’s Reaction to Jack Harlow’s Song Named After Her: ‘I Suppose It’s OK’

Grammy-winning singer Dua Lipa is the subject of a new song from hitmaking rapper Jack Harlow off his new album Come Home the Kids Miss You. In the song, aptly titled “Dua Lipa,” Harlow raps about what he wants to do with the “Levitating” singer, and she responded to the track with her honest thoughts.

Jack Harlow name a song ‘Dua Lipa’ after the singer, seen here wearing a green outfit while performing on stage.
Dua Lipa | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jack Harlow’s ‘Dua Lipa’ lyrics reference the pop star.

Jack Harlow released his debut album That’s What They All Say in 2020, fronted by the No. 2 single “What’s Poppin.” The Louisville, Kentucky native released his sophomore album Come Home the Kids Miss You in May 2022. The LP contains guest appearances from revered hip-hop figures like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Pharrell.

Harlow first teased “Dua Lipa” on Instagram ahead of the Come Home the Kids Miss You‘s release. The song features a trap beat, with Harlow declaring in the chorus, “Dua Lipa, I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature.”

Dua Lipa heard the lyrics and meaning before Harlow released it

Before Harlow released the song publicly, he wanted to ensure that Lipa was fine with him writing a song titled after her — and one that includes a sexually suggestive line about her.

Ahead of the album’s release, he sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about the recording process, what it was like to have a No. 1 song with Lil Nas X, and much more. When asked about the song “Dua Lipa,” Harlow revealed that he wanted to get her approval before he put it out.

Harlow was asked if Lipa had responded to the song since the album was released. “Not publicly,” he said. “I wanted to get her blessing, so I FaceTimed her and played it for her because I didn’t want her to be blindsided by that or feel, like, creeped out or anything.

“If she had said, ‘Yo, I hate it. I don’t want it to come out,’ it wouldn’t have come out,” he continued. “She was like, ‘Oh, I mean, it’s not my song. I suppose it’s OK.’ She was just kinda thrown off, and she just kinda let it go.” When asked if he had any feelings for her, he said he admired her.

He recounted the story in another interview with SiriusXM. “She was so confused,” he said. “She was like, ‘What the hell?’ It’s clearly a first, but she gave me her blessing. She said it was totally fine with her. She’s very sweet. She’s a very sweet woman.”

Jack Harlow admires Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is a hitmaking pop star who’s dominated the world with songs like “Levitating,” “Don’t Start Now,” and “One Kiss.” Harlow, by contrast, is a rapper who’s collaborated with big names in hip-hop throughout his time in the industry.

Harlow showed his appreciation for Lipa at the 2022 Grammy Awards. On the red carpet, Harlow revealed who he was excited to see at the show.

“Dua Lipa,” he said plainly. “I like Dua Lipa.” He also said he’d be open to the possibility of collaborating with the British hitmaker. “Nothing but respect for Dua Lipa.”

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