What Is Dua Lipa’s Song ‘Homesick’ About?

Dua Lipa is a musical sensation taking the country by storm with her seductive looks, contagious lyrics, and dance style energy. Known for chart-topping hits such as “Levitating” and “New Rules,” the celebrity is experiencing enormous worldwide success. The 25-year-old performing artist from Albania was recently awarded the Grammy for Pop Vocal Album. The album, Future Nostalgia, released during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, has reached platinum status. In 2017, before becoming a global sensation, Lipa worked with Chris Martin from Coldplay, and the result was the hit single “Homesick.”

Dua Lipa smiling in front of a black ground
Dua Lipa | Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Grammy winner of pop vocal album

The three-time Grammy award-winning artist started in the entertainment industry as a fashion model. Born and raised in London, she also spent several years living in Kosovo. Lipa admits to spending countless hours on YouTube trying to be discovered, according to Marie Claire. The singer eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. At 14 years of age, she signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records. The “Electricity” singer released her first self-titled LP in 2017 and started climbing the charts. 

Two years later, Lipa skyrocketed to fame when she won the Grammy for Best New Artist. That same year she secured another Grammy for Best Dance Recording. At this year’s Grammy ceremony, the Albanian beauty sang “Don’t Start Now” and “Levitating” in a performance that left audience members breathless. The talented performer is enjoying life at the top of the charts, releasing one hit after the other.

Collaborating with Chris Martin from Coldplay

Lipa’s hit single “Homesick” came about from a chance meeting with the Coldplay frontman. She was introduced to Martin after he listened to some of her unreleased tracks. The popstar phenomenon told Billboard that she got together with Martin and his engineer at a recording studio in Malibu. She enthusiastically explained, “I watched [Martin] dancing around the room, writing down the titles of songs, just listening to everything and being really attentive, and that was pretty surreal.”

A lifelong fan of Coldplay, she remembers listening to their music growing up. Lipa was instantly starstruck sitting at the same piano as the “Viva La Vida” singer. When Martin suggested they work on a song together for her debut album, she jumped at the chance. The piano ballad is different from anything Lipa has done, and once hearing the results, she begged Martin to sing the backup vocals for her. He agreed, and “Homesick” became a hit.

The meaning behind the hit single ‘Homesick’ 

“Homesick” is a tribute to the many friends and family members that she doesn’t get to see on a regular basis because of her career. Lipa explained that, like most performing artists, she has to make sacrifices to continue following her dreams and doing what she loves. According to Songfacts, the award-winning performer admits, “It’s the most beautiful song on the album,” saying, “I think it really brings everyone in for a little cry.”

The lyrics in the song, “Here, where the sky’s falling, I’m covered in blue” are a reference to the rainy skies of London. Lipa told Billboard that when she is traveling and going to beautiful locations, she begins to miss home. She said, “when I spend a lot of time in really hot places where the sun’s shining and the weather’s amazing, I always miss home, and I always miss the rain.”

She explained to Billboard, “It’s only when it rains in L.A. when I go, ‘Oh, this is what London feels like,’ and this is the part where I love it most because I feel like there’s a tiny bit of home that I get to carry with me every time that it rains.”