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Jessa Seewald is currently expecting her fifth child. While she’s been reluctant to share details of her pregnancy, likely due to the backlash she received from her miscarriage videos last year, she’s opening up a bit more as she nears her new baby’s arrival. While she didn’t share the gender of her fifth child, Jessa Seewald did share her due date. Ben and Jessa Seewald could welcome a Christmas baby. It wouldn’t be the first Duggar family pregnancy that resulted in a Christmas baby, either. 

When is Jessa Seewald’s due date? 

Jessa Seewald has been pretty tight-lipped about her pregnancy since announcing it around the time that Jill Dillard released her memoir. As she nears her due date, she is sharing some info. In a YouTube video, Jessa revealed that the newest Seewald has a due date of December 22, but she isn’t certain she’ll meet her new addition on that date. Jessa noted that she’s gone past her due date with each pregnancy and expects the same this time around. 

Several Duggar siblings are seen standing together at 'Extra' in 2004. Jessa Seewald, holding up her hand, is the center of attention
Jessa Seewald with her siblings | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Considering Jessa Seewald’s due date and her previous experiences, Jessa and Ben could welcome a Christmas baby to the family. The prospect isn’t a thrilling one for Jessa. The mother of four revealed that she wouldn’t have planned to have a child born in December because of how hectic the month can be. She said it feels like other festivities can easily eclipse birthdays during the holiday season. 

While Jessa revealed her due date, she didn’t tell followers the gender of the baby ahead of time. She and Ben Seewald know what they are having but choose not to tell family, friends, or followers before the birth. 

When were Jessa’s other children born? 

Jessa Seewald clearly has a thing against being born on a holiday. She’s managed to avoid a baby with a December birthday so far, but November is busy in her household. Not only is Jessa’s birthday in early November, but her anniversary is, too, and her eldest child was born the same month. Spurgeon Elliot, Jessa’s first son, was born on November 5, 2015, just one day after Jessa’s 23rd birthday. His birthday also fell just four days after her first wedding anniversary. 

Jessa Seewald hold first child, Spurgeon Elliot, as a newborn.
Jessa and Spurgeon Seewald | YouTube/TLC

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Her second child, Henry Wilberforce, was born in early February 2017, just fifteen months after his brother. Jessa and Ben’s first daughter, Ivy Jane, was born in May and shared a birthday with her great-grandmother, Mary Duggar. Mary Duggar died in a tragic drowning accident in 2019. Their youngest child, Fern Elliana, entered the world in July 2021. 

The Duggars have a few December birthdays, including a Christmas Day baby 

While Jessa appears to have concerns about welcoming her holiday baby, they won’t be alone in the Duggar family. While the Duggars have birthdays spread across the year, seven family members were born in December. Jinger Vuolo was born on December 21, while Josie and Jordyn Duggar were born on December 10 and 18, respectively. Austin Forsyth, who married into the Duggar clan, has a December Birthday, too, and twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar were born on December 30. 

Jeremiah Duggar has a holiday baby himself. Last year, Jeremiah and his wife, Hannah Wissman, welcomed their first daughter, Brynley Noelle Duggar, on December 25. Jeremiah and Hannah announced that they were expecting their second baby last month.